Introduction to Literary Studies

Code: ELL102

Course Description: This course introduces literature as cultural and historical phenomena. This entails a study of history of various periods of English Literature from Renaissance to the present. The course also, very briefly, touches upon different theoretical approaches to literature to introduce the student to literary critique and evaluation. A general understanding of literary theory as a broad field of philosophical concepts and principles is also crucial to the understanding of literary piece.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course you should be able to:

  • study the history and practice of English as a scholarly discipline.
  • study the history and development of each genre through excerpts of literary texts.
  • do close reading of texts and analyze them with different critical frameworks.
  • analyze and criticize the works of literature in their cultural and historical contexts.
  • assess the influence of literary movements in Britain on English literature from all parts of the world.

Suggested Readings

  1. William Henry Hudson. Introduction to the Study of Literature (1913)
  2. Andrew Sanders. The Short Oxford History of English Literature (1994)
  3. Mario Klarer. Introduction to Literary Studies (1999)
  4. J. H. Miller. On Literature (2002)
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