Grammar Lab: Building Strong Language Skills

Uses of Verb Tenses

Learn where to use which tense

16 Uses of Simple Present Tense

15 Uses of Simple Past Tense

16 Uses of Simple Future Tense

14 Uses of Present Progressive Tense

12 Uses of Past Progressive Tense

12 Uses of Future Progressive Tense

13 Uses of Present Perfect Tense

9 Uses of Past Perfect Tense

7 Uses of Future Perfect Tense

7 Uses of Present Perfect Continuous

7 Uses of Past Perfect Continuous

7 Uses of Future Perfect Continuous

Reported Speech: Narrations

Reported Speech

Grammar Essentials

Present Simple Tense

Present Continuous Tense

Subjunctive Mood

Modal Verbs

This, That, These, Those




Passive Voice

Correlative Conjunctions

So, Too, Either & Neither

Causative Verbs


Get + Adjective

Complex & Compound Sentences

Dangling Modifiers

Sequence of Tenses



Cohesive Devices

Inversion in English

Order of Adjectives

Direct & Indirect Objects



Pronouns before Gerund

Adjectives + Infinitives

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