Phrasal Verbs with Take: List II

Discover the versatile meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to taking. Explore removing, imitating, departing, acquiring, explaining, and more.
  • Take off:
    1. She took off her jacket and hung it on the hook.
    2. The comedian hilariously took off the famous politician in their sketch.
    3. The airplane took off smoothly and soared into the sky.
  • Take on:
    1. They decided to take on a new employee to help with the workload.
    2. She took on a cheerful demeanor despite the challenging circumstances.
    3. He volunteered to take on the responsibility of organizing the event.
  • Take out:
    1. He took out a pen and paper to jot down the important details.
    2. He asked her if she would like to go out and take her out for dinner.
    3. They decided to take out their frustrations by going for a long walk.
  • Take over:
    1. She took over the additional responsibilities after her colleague left.
    2. He took over as the interim manager while his boss was on vacation.
    3. The multinational company decided to take over a local business to expand its operations.
  • Take pity:
    1. They took pity on the homeless man and offered him a warm meal.
    2. She took pity on the injured bird and carefully nursed it back to health.
    3. He couldn't help but take pity on the struggling student and offered guidance.
  • Take through:
    1. The teacher patiently took them through the complex mathematical concepts.
    2. He kindly took her through the steps of assembling the furniture.
    3. The tour guide expertly took the group through the historical landmarks.
  • Take to:
    1. She quickly took to the new working environment and adapted well.
    2. He took to the stage and confidently performed his stand-up comedy routine.
    3. They took to practicing yoga as a new healthy habit.
  • Take up:
    1. He took up playing the guitar and practiced daily.
    2. She decided to take up jogging as a regular exercise routine.
    3. They took up the challenge of organizing the fundraising event.
  • Take up:
    1. They decided to take up the issue of climate change in their community.
    2. The large furniture takes up most of the room, leaving little space for movement.
    3. She asked the tailor to take up the pants to fit her properly.
  • Take up with:
    1. He took up with a new group of friends after moving to a new city.
    2. She decided to take up with the local art community and collaborate on projects.
    3. They cautioned their daughter against taking up with people of questionable character.
  • Take upon oneself:
    1. He took upon himself the responsibility of organizing the charity event.
    2. She bravely took it upon herself to speak up against injustice.
    3. They volunteered to take upon themselves the task of cleaning up the neighborhood.
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