Phrasal Verbs with Take: List I

Discover the versatile meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to taking. Explore surprising, resembling, dismantling, talking privately, and more.

Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences

  • Take aback:
    1. The sudden news took me aback and left me speechless.
    2. Her bold statement took the audience aback and sparked a heated debate.
    3. The unexpected turn of events took everyone aback and disrupted their plans.
  • Take after:
    1. She takes after her mother with her artistic talent.
    2. The twins take after their father in terms of their athletic abilities.
    3. He takes after his grandfather, sharing the same quirky sense of humor.
  • Take apart:
    1. He carefully took apart the computer to upgrade its components.
    2. The mechanic had to take apart the engine to fix the issue.
    3. They decided to take the project apart and analyze each aspect separately.
  • Take aside:
    1. The teacher took her aside to discuss her progress in private.
    2. He took his friend aside to share a secret with him.
    3. The manager took the employee aside to give feedback on their performance.
  • Take away:
    1. She took away the toys and placed them back in the toy box.
    2. The waiter took away our empty plates after we finished eating.
    3. The tragedy took away her sense of security and left her feeling vulnerable.
  • Take back:
    1. He regretted his harsh words and decided to take them back.
    2. The old photograph took her back to her childhood memories.
    3. They decided to take back their ex-partner and give the relationship another chance.
  • Take down:
    1. He used a screwdriver to take down the painting from the wall.
    2. The journalist quickly jotted down notes to take down the interviewee's responses.
    3. They had to take down the old tree due to its deteriorating condition.
  • Take down:
    1. He quickly took down the important points during the meeting.
    2. They decided to take down the scaffolding after completing the construction.
    3. She skillfully took down her dress strap without removing the garment.
  • Take for:
    1. They take her for a reliable and trustworthy person.
    2. He took me for a tourist and tried to sell me overpriced souvenirs.
    3. They attempted to take him for all his savings in a fraudulent scheme.
  • Take in:
    1. She runs a business where she takes in clothing alterations for a fee.
    2. The tailor agreed to take in her dress to make it fit perfectly.
    3. He struggled to take in the complex concepts explained in the lecture.
  • Take it away:
    1. Ladies and gentlemen, take it away! Let the performance begin!
    2. The host enthusiastically announced, "Take it away, band!"
    3. The singer confidently said, "I'm ready to sing, take it away!"
  • Take it out on:
    1. After a rough day at work, he took it out on his family, snapping at them unnecessarily.
    2. She was frustrated with her computer, so she took it out on the poor keyboard, pounding the keys angrily.
    3. He had a bad game and took it out on the equipment, throwing his racket in frustration.
  • Take it upon oneself:
    1. She took it upon herself to organize the charity event and ensure its success.
    2. He took it upon himself to clean up the mess, even though it wasn't his responsibility.
    3. They took it upon themselves to resolve the conflict between the two parties.
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