Phrasal Verbs with Stand

Explore the diverse meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to standing. Learn about making space, leaving positions, maintaining distance, and more.

Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences

  • Stand aside:
    1. Please stand aside and make room for others to pass.
    2. He graciously stood aside and let his colleague take the promotion.
    3. The judge decided to stand aside due to a potential conflict of interest.
  • Stand back:
    1. For your safety, stand back from the edge of the platform.
    2. She chose to stand back and observe rather than participate.
    3. During the argument, he decided to stand back and let others resolve the issue.
  • Stand by:
    1. We'll stand by and wait for further instructions.
    2. He promised to stand by his friend through thick and thin.
    3. Despite the challenges, they continued to stand by their decision.
  • Stand for:
    1. I won't stand for such disrespectful behavior.
    2. As a teacher, she stands for equal opportunities for all students.
    3. Our organization stands for social justice and human rights.
  • Stand in for:
    1. He couldn't attend the meeting, so his assistant stood in for him.
    2. The understudy had to stand in for the lead actor at the last minute.
    3. She was asked to stand in for her colleague during the presentation.
  • Stand out:
    1. The bright red car stands out among all the other vehicles.
    2. Her exceptional talent and unique style stand out in the art world.
    3. His bravery and selflessness stand out in times of adversity.
  • Stand up:
    1. She stood up and stretched after sitting for hours.
    2. He helped stand up the fallen tree that blocked the path.
    3. Unfortunately, he decided to stand up his date without prior notification.
  • Stand up for:
    1. We should stand up for the rights of marginalized communities.
    2. She always stands up for what she believes in, no matter the consequences.
    3. He bravely stands up for the truth in the face of opposition.
  • Stand up to:
    1. We need to stand up to bullying and protect each other.
    2. She decided to stand up to her controlling boss and assert her independence.
    3. They managed to stand up to the challenges and persevere.
Note to Learners: Keep up the great work! Strengthen your understanding of Phrasal Verbs by creating your own sentences using the examples above. Share your sentences in the comments section below and continue expanding your language skills. Well done! Course Home
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