Phrasal Verbs with Speak

Uncover the various meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to speaking. Explore expressing opinions, representing others, asserting oneself, and more.

Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences:

  • Speak for:
    1. As a lawyer, she often speaks for her clients in court.
    2. The empty seats speak for the lack of interest in the event.
    3. Her actions speak for her dedication to the cause.
  • Speak for oneself:
    1. Each person should speak for oneself when expressing personal opinions.
    2. I can speak for myself and say that I disagree with that statement.
    3. Her success speaks for itself and needs no further explanation.
  • Speak of:
    1. The impressive architecture speaks of the city's rich history.
    2. The dark clouds speak of an approaching storm.
    3. His actions speak of his true character.
  • Speak out:
    1. She bravely speaks out against injustice in society.
    2. We should feel empowered to speak out about issues that matter to us.
    3. It's important to speak out and make our thoughts known.
  • Speak to:
    1. The film's emotional theme speaks to the struggles many can relate to.
    2. His words speak to the importance of kindness and compassion.
    3. The painting speaks to the artist's profound love for nature.
  • Speak up:
    1. Please speak up so everyone in the back can hear you.
    2. It's essential to speak up and voice your opinions in meetings.
    3. She decided to speak up for her rights and demand fair treatment.
Note to Learners: Practice makes progress! Enhance your understanding of Phrasal Verbs by creating sentences that incorporate them. Share your sentences in the comments section below and continue strengthening your language skills. Well done! Course Home
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