Phrasal Verbs with Set

Discover the diverse meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to setting. Learn how to initiate actions, attack, separate, delay, explain, and more.

Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences:

  • Set about:
    1. They set about cleaning the entire house before the guests arrived.
    2. The lion set about its prey with great ferocity.
    3. She eagerly set about learning a new language.
  • Set aside:
    1. We need to set aside some funds for unexpected expenses.
    2. He set aside a portion of his day for meditation.
    3. They set aside the best seats for VIP guests.
  • Set back:
    1. The heavy rain set back our outdoor plans by a few hours.
    2. The construction delays set back the completion of the building.
    3. The unexpected expenses set us back financially.
  • Set down:
    1. She decided to set down her thoughts and feelings in a journal.
    2. The author set down the rules of the magical world in his book.
    3. He diligently set down all the details of the meeting in the minutes.
  • Set forth:
    1. They set forth on a thrilling adventure across the mountains.
    2. The captain set forth the rules and objectives of the mission.
    3. She set forth her ideas in a persuasive manner.
  • Set in:
    1. The feeling of happiness set in after achieving her lifelong dream.
    2. Spring has arrived, and the warm weather sets in.
    3. The rain set in and spoiled their plans for a picnic.
  • Set off:
    1. They set off on a road trip across the country.
    2. His careless remark set off a heated argument.
    3. The firework display set off a burst of color in the night sky.
  • Set on:
    1. The trainer set the dog on the intruder, protecting the property.
    2. She set on her team to pursue victory with determination.
    3. The mob was set on revenge and caused chaos in the streets.
  • Set out:
    1. He set out the instructions clearly, ensuring everyone understood.
    2. They set out on a mission to explore the uncharted territory.
    3. She set out to complete the marathon and crossed the finish line with pride.
  • Set up:
    1. They set up the camping gear before sunset.
    2. The report was set up in a logical and organized manner.
    3. The event organizer set up a stage for the live performances.
  • Set upon:
    1. A group of bullies set upon him in the alley.
    2. The wolves set upon their prey, hunting in a pack.
    3. They were shocked when the normally peaceful neighbors set upon each other in a fierce argument.
Note to Learners: Expand your vocabulary! Practice using Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences to reinforce your understanding. Share your sentences in the comments section below and keep progressing in your language journey. Well done! Course Home
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