Phrasal Verbs with Send

Learn how to effectively use Phrasal Verbs related to sending. Explore their meanings and usage in different contexts for clearer communication.
  • Send away:
    1. The boss decided to send away the disruptive employee from the meeting.
    2. She sent away her old clothes to a charity organization.
    3. They had to send away their dog to a pet boarding facility while they were on vacation.
  • Send away for:
    1. He sent away for a catalog to order new gardening tools.
    2. She decided to send away for the latest bestselling novel.
    3. They sent away for a free sample of the new skincare product.
  • Send back:
    1. The customer had to send back the faulty product for a replacement.
    2. She forgot to include a document and had to send it back to the office.
    3. He decided to send back the gift as it was not what he expected.
  • Send down:
    1. The university decided to send down the student for academic misconduct.
    2. She was nervous that the teacher might send her down in front of the class.
    3. They were disappointed to hear that their favorite team got sent down to a lower league.
  • Send off:
    1. The coach called for a substitution and sent off the injured player.
    2. They had to send off the important documents before the deadline.
    3. We gathered at the airport to send off our friend who was moving abroad.
  • Send out for:
    1. Let's send out for some pizza and have a relaxing evening.
    2. She didn't feel like cooking, so she decided to send out for Chinese takeout.
    3. He sent out for groceries as he didn't have time to go to the store.
  • Send up:
    1. The comedian sent up the politician's mannerisms in a hilarious sketch.
    2. She loves to send herself up and doesn't take herself too seriously.
    3. His witty remarks often send up the pretentiousness of certain social circles.
Note to Learners: Practice makes perfect! Strengthen your grasp on Phrasal Verbs by crafting your own sentences using the examples above. Share your sentences in the comments section below and enhance your understanding through interactive learning. Keep up the great work! Course Home

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