Phrasal Verbs with See

See in: Welcome
  • They saw me in and greeted me with warm smiles.
  • The hostess saw in the guests and showed them to their seats.
  • He stood by the door to see everyone in and greet them personally.
  • See into: Escort into, especially a place of shelter
  • The security guard saw us into the building and made sure we were safe.
  • She saw the children into the school and ensured they entered the premises.
  • They kindly saw me into their home and made me feel welcome.
  • See out: Accompany a guest when he or she leaves
  • He saw her out and walked her to her car.
  • The hosts graciously saw the guests out and said their goodbyes.
  • She always makes it a point to see visitors out and thank them for coming.
  • See out: Continue something until completion; to watch an activity develop to a conclusion
  • They were determined to see the project out and bring it to a successful end.
  • The team committed to seeing the mission out and achieving their goals.
  • She stayed up late to see the movie out and find out how it ended.
  • See through: Find something to be visually transparent
  • He held the glass to the light to see through its contents.
  • She wore sunglasses to see through the glare of the bright sun.
  • The clear plastic allowed them to see through the packaging and inspect the product.
  • See through: Not be deceived by something that is false or misleading
  • He had a keen intuition and could always see through people's lies.
  • She was skeptical and could see through the exaggerated claims of the advertisement.
  • They were experienced investigators who could see through elaborate cover-ups.
  • See through: Provide support or cooperation to (a person) throughout a period of time
  • They saw her through her difficult times and offered unwavering support.
  • He saw his friend through the challenging project and provided guidance along the way.
  • She was grateful for the team that saw her through the demanding training program.
  • See through: Do something until it is finished
  • They were determined to see the project through despite the obstacles they faced.
  • He promised to see the task through and deliver the results on time.
  • She had the perseverance to see the race through and cross the finish line.
  • See through: Constitute ample supply for one
  • The provisions they had seen through sustained them during their journey.
  • He ensured that the resources would see them through the challenging times.
  • She had enough savings to see her through the period of unemployment.
  • See to: Take care of; to effect; to make happen
  • He promised to see to the repairs and fix the broken equipment.
  • She made it a priority to see to the needs of her family.
  • They assigned someone to see to the logistics and ensure a smooth operation.
  • See to: Serve or care for
  • She dedicated herself to seeing to the well-being of her patients.
  • He made it his mission to see to the comfort of the guests.
  • They were responsible for seeing to the needs of the community and providing assistance.
  • Note: Learning and practicing phrasal verbs can greatly enhance your English language skills. Try to incorporate these phrasal verbs into your conversations and writing. Create your own sentences using these phrasal verbs and share them in the comments below. Keep practicing to become more proficient in using phrasal verbs naturally and effectively. Course Home
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