Phrasal Verbs with Throw

Explore the various meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to throwing. Learn about discarding, adding extra, confusing, producing, and more.

Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences

  • Throw away:
    1. She threw away the empty food wrappers in the trash.
    2. Don't throw away your talents; use them wisely.
    3. He threw away his money on unnecessary purchases.
  • Throw down:
    1. He angrily threw down his books on the table.
    2. The champion confidently threw down the gauntlet to his rivals.
    3. She threw down the challenge, daring anyone to compete with her.
  • Throw in:
    1. As a bonus, they decided to throw in an extra gift with the purchase.
    2. The salesperson offered to throw in free shipping for the online order.
    3. They decided to throw in a dessert as a complimentary treat.
  • Throw off:
    1. The sudden change in plans threw him off and left him confused.
    2. The detective managed to throw off his pursuers and escape unnoticed.
    3. The inaccurate data threw off the entire analysis.
  • Throw on:
    1. She quickly threw on a jacket before heading out into the cold.
    2. He threw on his sneakers and rushed to catch the bus.
    3. They just threw on some casual clothes for the impromptu gathering.
  • Throw out:
    1. Please throw out the empty cans in the recycling bin.
    2. They decided to throw out the old furniture and buy new ones.
    3. The teacher threw out the disruptive student from the class.
  • Throw up:
    1. She felt sick and had to throw up in the bathroom.
    2. The roller coaster ride made him throw up his lunch.
    3. The spicy food caused him to throw up immediately.
Note to Learners: Keep up the great work! Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences to reinforce your understanding. Share your sentences in the comments section below and continue building your language skills. Well done! Course Home
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