Phrasal Verbs with Hold

Master essential Phrasal Verbs for effective communication. Explore their versatile meanings and contexts to enhance your English skills.
  • Hold back (Act with reserve; to contain one’s full measure or power):
    • He always holds back his emotions and rarely shows his true feelings.
    • She held back her true opinions during the meeting to avoid conflict.
    • Don't hold back your creativity; express yourself freely.
  • Hold back (Contain; stop):
    • The dam was built to hold back the floodwaters.
    • He struggled to hold back his tears at the emotional farewell.
    • The police used barriers to hold back the crowd during the protest.
  • Hold back (Delay the progress of, especially in school):
    • He was held back a year in school due to academic difficulties.
    • The student's poor attendance may hold him back from graduating.
    • The lack of resources can hold back students' learning progress.
  • Hold down (Restrain; to check):
    • The strong winds were difficult to hold down the kite.
    • He struggled to hold down his anger in the face of criticism.
    • It's important to hold down your expenses during tough times.
  • Hold down (Continue; to hold and manage well):
    • She was able to hold down two jobs and still have time for her hobbies.
    • He has been able to hold down a steady job for over five years.
    • Despite the challenges, she managed to hold down a successful career.
  • Hold in (Restrain oneself):
    • She tried to hold in her laughter during the serious meeting.
    • He couldn't hold in his excitement and started jumping up and down.
    • It's important to hold in your anger and respond calmly.
  • Hold off (Delay someone or something temporarily; to keep at bay):
    • We managed to hold off the attackers until help arrived.
    • The rain held off until we finished the outdoor event.
    • They were able to hold off the competition and secure the contract.
  • Hold off (Delay commencing; delay commencing an action):
    • Let's hold off on making a decision until we have more information.
    • They decided to hold off on announcing the new product launch.
    • We should hold off starting the project until the team is fully prepared.
  • Hold on (Grasp or grip firmly):
    • Hold on tightly to the railing as you climb the stairs.
    • She held on to her friend's hand for support during the scary movie.
    • Hold on to the rope while I pull you up.
  • Hold on (Keep; to store something for someone):
    • Can you hold on to my bag while I grab a coffee?
    • I'll hold on to these documents for you until you need them.
    • She asked her neighbor to hold on to her spare key while she was away.
  • Hold on (Wait a short time):
    • Hold on, I'll be with you in just a moment.
    • He asked the audience to hold on while he adjusted the microphone.
    • We need to hold on for a few more minutes until the bus arrives.
  • Hold on (Remain loyal):
    • Despite the challenges, she held on to her principles and values.
    • He held on to his faith during difficult times.
    • They held on to their friendship despite living in different cities.
  • Hold out (Wait, or refuse in hopes of getting something better):
    • She held out for a higher salary before accepting the job offer.
    • He decided to hold out for a better deal on the car.
    • They held out hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
  • Hold out (Survive, endure):
    • The soldiers held out despite being outnumbered and low on supplies.
    • She held out through the difficult times and eventually found success.
    • They were able to hold out until help arrived.
  • Hold out (Withhold something; set something aside or save it for later):
    • He decided to hold out some money for emergencies.
    • She held out the last piece of cake for her friend.
    • They held out the information until the right moment to reveal it.
  • Hold over (Save, delay):
    • We managed to hold over some food from dinner for the next day.
    • The meeting was held over until the following week due to scheduling conflicts.
    • The movie's popularity allowed it to hold over in theaters for several months.
  • Hold up (Wait or delay):
    • Sorry for holding you up earlier; I got caught in traffic.
    • They were held up at the airport due to a flight delay.
    • We were held up by a sudden rainstorm on our way to the party.
  • Hold up (Impede; detain):
    • The construction work held up traffic on the main road.
    • They were held up at customs for questioning.
    • The accident held up the delivery of the goods.
  • Hold up (Support or lift):
    • The sturdy pillars hold up the roof of the building.
    • She used her hand to hold up the heavy box.
    • He struggled to hold up the weight of his backpack.
  • Hold up (Fulfill or complete one’s part of an agreement):
    • Make sure you hold up your end of the deal.
    • They failed to hold up their promises, causing disappointment.
    • He always holds up his responsibilities and never lets anyone down.
  • Hold up (Rob at gunpoint):
    • They were held up by masked thieves while walking home.
    • The convenience store was held up during the late-night robbery.
    • She was startled when a stranger held her up and demanded her belongings.
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