Phrasal Verbs with Jump

Master essential Phrasal Verbs for effective communication. Explore their versatile meanings and contexts to enhance your English skills.
  • Jump around (Move erratically by jumping):
    • The children love to jump around in the bounce house.
    • He couldn't sit still and jumped around the room in excitement.
    • The puppy jumps around the yard, full of energy.
  • Jump at (Accept something enthusiastically):
    • She jumps at any opportunity to travel abroad.
    • They jumped at the chance to join the prestigious program.
    • He jumps at every opportunity to learn something new.
  • Jump down (Leave an elevated position to a lower position by one jump):
    • The cat jumps down from the tree branch.
    • He carefully jumps down the last step of the staircase.
    • She jumps down off the stage after her performance.
  • Jump in (Enter something quickly, usually a mode of transport):
    • They jumped in the car and headed to the beach.
    • She jumps in the taxi and tells the driver her destination.
    • He quickly jumps in the bus before it departs.
  • Jump off (Move from an elevated place by one jump):
    • The athlete jumps off the diving board into the pool.
    • He jumps off the ledge and lands safely on the ground.
    • She bravely jumps off the cliff into the deep water.
  • Jump on (Board a vehicle):
    • They jumped on the train just before it departed.
    • He quickly jumps on the bus and finds an empty seat.
    • She jumps on the subway as soon as the doors open.
  • Jump on (Attack verbally; to criticize excessively):
    • They always jump on him whenever he makes a mistake.
    • She jumps on her teammates for their poor performance.
    • He tends to jump on any new idea without considering its merits.
  • Jump out (Be obviously different or special; to capture an observer's attention at once):
    • Her colorful outfit jumps out in a sea of black suits.
    • The bold artwork on the wall jumps out and grabs your attention.
    • The striking contrast of the red door jumps out in the neighborhood.
  • Jump up (Move from one position to a higher position by one jump):
    • The basketball player jumps up to grab the rebound.
    • He jumps up to reach the top shelf in the kitchen.
    • She excitedly jumps up and down when she receives good news.
Note: Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences and share them in the comments section below. This will help reinforce your understanding and improve your fluency in English. Keep up the great work! Course Home
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