Phrasal Verbs with Hang

Master essential Phrasal Verbs for effective communication. Explore their versatile meanings and contexts to enhance your English skills.
  • Hang about (Stay, linger, or loiter):
    • We decided to hang about in the park until the rain stopped.
    • They like to hang about near the coffee shop, chatting with friends.
    • He tends to hang about the train station, waiting for someone.
  • Hang about (Spend time or be friends):
    • We used to hang about together during our college days.
    • They enjoy hanging about and exploring new places.
    • She has a group of friends she hangs about with on weekends.
  • Hang on (Wait a moment; hold, grasp, or grip; pay close attention; continually believe in something; to have faith in; persevere):
    • Hang on a second, I'll be right back with your order.
    • He hung on tightly to the rope as he descended the cliff.
    • Hang on and listen carefully to the instructions.
    • She hangs on to the hope that things will get better.
    • You need to hang on and keep working towards your goals.
  • Hang out (Spend time doing nothing in particular):
    • We used to hang out at the mall after school.
    • They enjoy hanging out at the beach on weekends.
    • Let's just hang out and relax at home today.
  • Hang out (Be unyielding; to hold out):
    • The old building hangs out despite years of neglect.
    • She hangs out against all odds and never gives up.
    • The team hangs out in the final minutes of the game.
  • Hang over (Be threatening; to be imminent):
    • A sense of uncertainty hangs over the future of the company.
    • The storm clouds hang over the city, ready to unleash heavy rain.
    • The decision's outcome hangs over us, causing anxiety.
  • Hang together (Be self-consistent):
    • The arguments presented hang together and support the main thesis.
    • The details of the story hang together without contradictions.
    • His explanation didn't hang together and raised more questions.
  • Hang up (Put up to hang; terminate a telephone call):
    • Please hang up your coat on the hook by the door.
    • She accidentally hung up the phone during the conversation.
    • He decided to hang up and end the call after the argument.
Note: Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences and share them in the comments section below. This will help reinforce your understanding and improve your fluency in English. Keep up the great work! Course Home
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