Phrasal Verbs with Go: List II

Master essential Phrasal Verbs for effective communication. Explore their versatile meanings and contexts to enhance your English skills.
  • Go out (Leave, especially a building):
    • We need to go out of the house to run errands.
    • They go out every evening for a walk in the park.
    • The team went out of the tournament after a close defeat.
  • Go out (Have a romantic relationship, one that involves going out together on dates):
    • They've been going out for two years now.
    • She's excited to go out with him to the new restaurant in town.
    • They decided to go out and celebrate their anniversary.
  • Go through (Examine or scrutinize; undergo, suffer, experience):
    • Please go through the documents carefully before signing.
    • He went through a lot of difficulties during his career.
    • She had to go through a surgery to treat her medical condition.
  • Go up (Rise or increase in price, cost, or value):
    • The prices of groceries have gone up significantly in the past year.
    • The value of their house went up after the renovations.
    • Gas prices go up every summer due to high demand.
  • Go with (Correspond or fit well with; choose or accept):
    • The blue curtains go well with the new furniture.
    • She decided to go with the red dress for the party.
    • I think the seafood dish would go well with the white wine.
  • Go without (Be deprived of):
    • They had to go without electricity for two days during the storm.
    • She decided to go without dessert to stick to her diet.
    • He couldn't go without his morning coffee.
Note: Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences and share them in the comments section below. This will help reinforce your understanding and improve your fluency in English. Keep up the great work! Course Home

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