Phrasal Verbs with Beat

Discover a variety of phrasal verbs related to "beat" and their meanings. Explore actions like striking, haggling, defeating, and more. 1. Beat down (Strike with great force):
  • The boxer beat down his opponent with powerful punches.
  • During the storm, the rain beat down on the roof with relentless intensity.
  • He used a hammer to beat down the nails into the wood.
2. Beat down (Haggle with someone to sell at a lower price):
  • The customer managed to beat down the price of the antique vase at the flea market.
  • She successfully beat down the cost of the car by negotiating with the salesman.
  • They spent hours trying to beat down the seller's asking price for the house.
3. Beat off (Waste time):
  • He realized he had been beating off instead of focusing on his important tasks.
  • She tends to beat off by scrolling through social media instead of being productive.
  • They procrastinated and beat off the deadline, causing unnecessary stress.
4. Beat out (Sound a rhythm on a percussion instrument such as a drum):
  • The drummer skillfully beat out a lively rhythm on the drums, captivating the audience.
  • He practiced for hours to perfect his ability to beat out complex rhythms on the conga drums.
  • They formed a band and enjoyed beating out catchy beats on various percussion instruments.
5. Beat out (Extinguish):
  • He used a fire extinguisher to beat out the flames and prevent further damage.
  • She quickly grabbed a blanket to beat out the small fire in the kitchen.
  • They worked together to beat out the fire before the firefighters arrived.
6. Beat out (Defeat by a narrow margin):
  • In a thrilling race, he managed to beat out his opponent by a fraction of a second.
  • She trained hard and beat out the competition to win the championship title.
  • They celebrated their victory after beating out the rival team in a close match.
7. Beat up (Give a severe beating to; assault violently hitting the victim repeatedly):
  • A group of thugs beat up the innocent bystander, leaving him badly injured.
  • She was traumatized after being beaten up by her abusive partner.
  • They witnessed a gang beating up a defenseless man and immediately called for help.
8. Beat up (Feel badly guilty and accuse oneself over something):
  • After making a mistake, she beat herself up and couldn't forgive herself for the error.
  • He constantly beats himself up over past decisions and regrets.
  • They tend to beat themselves up for every minor flaw or imperfection.
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