Phrasal Verbs List with Be

Explore a variety of phrasal verbs with "be" and their meanings. From expressing emotions to understanding, discover their usage and examples. 1. Be above (Be too good, classy, or mature to do something; to disdain):
  • She considers herself above engaging in petty gossip and prefers meaningful conversations.
  • He believes that successful leaders should be above seeking revenge and instead focus on forgiveness.
  • They think it's important to be above judging others based on their appearance.
2. Be above (Outrank):
  • As the senior officer, he is above his subordinates in the military hierarchy.
  • The CEO is above all the employees in the organizational structure.
  • She was promoted and now is above her former colleagues in the company's management.
3. Be along (Arrive):
  • They asked him to wait as they would be along shortly.
  • She mentioned that she would be along after finishing her work.
  • We were waiting for them, and finally, they came along to join us.
4. Be around (Be alive, existent, or present):
  • His teachings continue to inspire even though he may no longer be around.
  • Old traditions are valued to preserve the culture even when the original creators are no longer around.
  • Despite his busy schedule, he always makes time for his loved ones to show that he is around and cares.
5. Be around (Be near; to socialize with):
  • During the party, people were dancing, laughing, and enjoying each other's company, happy to be around.
  • She loves having friends around and often invites them over for dinner or movie nights.
  • He enjoys being around nature, taking long walks in the park to clear his mind.
6. Be cut out for (Be suitable, have the necessary qualities):
  • She is talented in problem-solving and analytical thinking, making her cut out for a career in data analysis.
  • He realized that he wasn't cut out for a desk job and decided to pursue his passion in photography.
  • They believe that everyone is cut out for something and should explore their unique talents.
7. Be down (Be depressed):
  • She has been feeling overwhelmed lately and is down due to work-related stress.
  • He always offers a listening ear and support to his friends when they are down.
  • They noticed the change in her behavior and realized she was down and needed emotional support.
8. Be down to (Be reduced or less):
  • After a long day, their energy levels are down to a minimum.
  • Due to unexpected expenses, their savings are down to a small amount.
  • They worked hard, and now their workload is down to a manageable level.
9. Be down on (Have negative feelings toward someone):
  • She often feels like her supervisor is down on her and unfairly criticizes her work.
  • He noticed that his classmates were down on him and excluded him from group activities.
  • They realized their colleague was down on them because they received a promotion instead.
10. Be down with (Be ill):
  • He couldn't attend the meeting as he was down with the flu.
  • She had to take a sick leave from work as she was down with a severe cold.
  • They took care of him while he was down with a stomach virus.
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