Phrasal Verbs List with Back

Discover key phrasal verbs related to "back" and their meanings. Explore various contexts and usage examples in this informative lesson. 1. Back down (Take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to):
  • He initially argued fiercely, but eventually backed down to avoid escalating the conflict.
  • They threatened legal action but eventually backed down when faced with strong opposition.
  • The government decided to back down after public protests against their proposed policy.
2. Back into (Rely upon another team’s loss in order to advance to the post-season):
  • Their team backed into the playoffs after the opposing team lost their final game.
  • They were fortunate to back into the championship round due to unexpected outcomes in other matches.
  • Their chances seemed slim, but they managed to back into the tournament with a stroke of luck.
3. Back off (Move backwards away from something):
  • As the dog growled, he cautiously backed off to avoid any potential danger.
  • When confronted by the aggressive driver, she quickly backed off to defuse the tension.
  • They approached the wild animal carefully, but it suddenly lunged, causing them to back off in fear.
4. Back off (Become less aggressive, particularly when one had appeared committed to act):
  • He seemed ready to engage in a heated argument but then decided to back off and seek a peaceful resolution.
  • After realizing the consequences, she chose to back off from the risky business venture.
  • They had initially threatened to take legal action, but eventually, they backed off and pursued a different approach.
5. Back off (Lower the setting of):
  • The guitarist decided to back off the volume to create a softer and more mellow tone.
  • She adjusted the stove and backed off the heat to prevent the sauce from burning.
  • They realized the spotlight was too intense and chose to back off the brightness for a more subtle effect.
6. Back onto (Reverse a vehicle onto something):
  • He skillfully backed onto the loading dock, aligning the truck with precision.
  • The driver carefully backed onto the driveway, avoiding any obstacles along the way.
  • She struggled to back onto the narrow street due to limited visibility from the rear.
7. Back onto (Overlook something from the rear):
  • From the balcony, they could back onto the beautiful garden behind their house.
  • The hotel room backed onto a scenic mountain view, providing a picturesque backdrop.
  • Their office window backed onto an alley, offering a unique and interesting view of urban life.
8. Back out (Reverse a vehicle from a confined space):
  • He skillfully backed out of the tight parking spot without hitting the surrounding cars.
  • She cautiously backed out of the narrow alley, ensuring there was no oncoming traffic.
  • They had to wait for another car to back out of the space before they could park.
9. Back out (Withdraw from something one has agreed to do):
  • At the last minute, he decided to back out of the business partnership due to personal reasons.
  • She reluctantly backed out of the commitment to attend the event due to a scheduling conflict.
  • They had no choice but to back out of the contract when the other party failed to meet the agreed-upon terms.
10. Back out (Undo a change):
  • He realized his mistake and quickly decided to back out of the contract modification.
  • She accidentally made a wrong edit and had to find a way to back out of the unwanted changes.
  • They had to carefully analyze the impact before deciding to back out of the software update.
11. Back up (Move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so):
  • The driver skillfully backed up the car to park in the designated spot.
  • He carefully checked his mirrors before backing up the truck to load the goods.
  • She had to back up the vehicle to allow enough space for others to pass on the narrow road.
12. Back up (Move a vehicle backward):
  • They requested the driver to back up the bus to let more passengers on board.
  • He signaled the truck driver to back up so they could unload the cargo more efficiently.
  • She guided her friend to back up the car safely into the parking space.
13. Back up (Undo one’s actions):
  • Realizing the error, he decided to back up and revert the changes made to the document.
  • She accidentally deleted the file but was relieved to find a way to back up and recover it.
  • They had to back up to a previous version of the software due to unexpected bugs in the latest update.
14. Back up (Reconsider one’s thoughts):
  • After hearing the opposing arguments, he had to back up and rethink his position on the issue.
  • She initially disagreed, but later backed up and acknowledged the validity of their point of view.
  • They had strong convictions but were willing to back up and consider alternative perspectives.
15. Back up (Copy (data) as a security measure):
  • It is important to regularly back up your files to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure.
  • She diligently backed up her documents to an external hard drive to ensure their safety.
  • They set up an automated system to automatically back up critical data to the cloud.
16. Back up (Provide support or the promise of support):
  • He always backs up his teammates, offering help and guidance whenever needed.
  • She assured her friend that she would back her up in the upcoming presentation.
  • They rallied together to back up their colleague during the challenging project.
17. Back up (Halt the flow or movement of something):
  • They had to back up the traffic temporarily to clear the debris from the accident.
  • Construction work on the road caused a back up of vehicles during peak hours.
  • They strategically placed barriers to back up the water flow and prevent flooding.
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