Phrasal Verbs List Blow

Explore a range of phrasal verbs related to "blow" and their meanings. From causing to go away to explosive reactions, discover their usage and examples. 1. Blow away (Cause to go away by blowing, or by wind):
  • The strong gust of wind blew away the fallen leaves from the sidewalk.
  • The storm blew away the loose papers from the desk and scattered them across the room.
  • He used a fan to blow away the dust that had settled on the bookshelves.
2. Blow away (Disperse or to depart on currents of air):
  • As the balloons were released, they blew away and floated into the sky.
  • The dandelion seeds blew away with each gentle breeze, spreading across the field.
  • They watched the clouds blow away and reveal a clear blue sky.
3. Blow away (Kill (someone) by shooting them):
  • The criminal threatened to blow him away if he didn't hand over the money.
  • The assassin was hired to blow away the target and eliminate any witnesses.
  • They discovered the victim's body, brutally blown away by a gunshot.
4. Blow away (Flabbergast; to impress greatly):
  • The breathtaking performance blew away the audience with its skill and artistry.
  • Her talent and confidence blew away the judges during the singing competition.
  • They were blown away by the stunning beauty of the sunset over the ocean.
5. Blow down (Knock over with an air current, most often wind):
  • The strong gust of wind blew down the old tree in the backyard.
  • The storm blew down power lines, causing widespread outages in the area.
  • They secured the tents to prevent them from blowing down during the storm.
6. Blow off (Let steam escape through a passage provided for the purpose):
  • He carefully blew off the steam from the hot cup of tea before taking a sip.
  • She released the pressure by blowing off steam from the pressure cooker.
  • They used a safety valve to blow off excess steam from the machinery.
7. Blow off (Shirk or disregard):
  • He decided to blow off his responsibilities and go on an impromptu vacation.
  • She often blows off her homework assignments and faces the consequences later.
  • They warned him not to blow off the meeting, as it was crucial for the project.
8. Blow off (Forcibly disconnect something by use of a firearm or explosive device):
  • He used a shotgun to blow off the lock and gain access to the secured room.
  • The bomb squad was called to blow off the suspicious package for safety reasons.
  • They had to blow off the door hinges to rescue the trapped individuals inside.
9. Blow out (Extinguish something, especially a flame):
  • She blew out the candles on her birthday cake and made a wish.
  • He accidentally knocked over the lamp, causing it to blow out.
  • They used a strong gust of air to blow out the match flame.
10. Blow out (Deflate quickly on being punctured):
  • The balloon blew out as it was accidentally pricked by a sharp object.
  • She heard a loud pop as the tire blew out while driving on the highway.
  • They had to replace the damaged inflatable mattress after it blew out during their camping trip.
11. Blow out (Be driven out by the expansive force of a gas or vapour):
  • The explosion caused the doors and windows to blow out from the sudden release of pressure.
  • The safety valve opened to prevent the pressure vessel from blowing out.
  • They evacuated the area when they noticed gas leaks that could potentially blow out nearby buildings.
12. Blow over (Blow on something causing it to topple):
  • The strong wind blew over the flimsy garden fence.
  • She accidentally blew over the stack of papers on her desk while opening the window.
  • They watched the gust of wind blow over the fragile flower pots on the balcony.
13. Blow over (Be knocked down by wind):
  • He struggled to walk as he was blown over by the strong gusts of wind.
  • The tents were not securely anchored and were easily blown over during the storm.
  • They held onto each other tightly to avoid being blown over by the powerful wind.
14. Blow over (Pass naturally; to go away; to settle or calm down):
  • The initial disagreement blew over as they calmly discussed their perspectives.
  • She knew that the rumors would eventually blow over and people would forget about them.
  • They decided to wait until the tensions blew over before addressing the sensitive issue.
15. Blow past (Easily overcome or go around a safeguard or limit):
  • He blew past the security checkpoints without being stopped or questioned.
  • She skillfully blew past the defenses of her opponents and scored the winning goal.
  • They managed to blow past the imposed deadline by working through the night.
16. Blow up (Explode or be destroyed by explosion):
  • The bomb was detonated, causing the building to blow up in a massive explosion.
  • She watched in horror as the fireworks factory blew up in a fiery blast.
  • They evacuated the area when they heard the gas pipeline was at risk of blowing up.
17. Blow up (Cause (something or someone) to explode):
  • The terrorists planned to blow up the bridge, disrupting the enemy's supply lines.
  • She accidentally blew up the microwave by placing a metal object inside.
  • They used a controlled explosion to blow up the abandoned building.
18. Blow up (Inflate or fill with air):
  • He used a pump to blow up the air mattress for the guests.
  • She helped blow up the balloons for the party decorations.
  • They quickly blew up the inflatable pool to enjoy a refreshing swim.
19. Blow up (Enlarge or zoom in):
  • The photographer decided to blow up the image to highlight the intricate details.
  • She used a magnifying glass to blow up the small text and make it easier to read.
  • They adjusted the settings on the projector to blow up the presentation on the screen.
20. Blow up (Suddenly get very angry):
  • He tends to blow up over small inconveniences and lose his temper easily.
  • She blew up at her colleague for taking credit for her work.
  • They tried to calm him down as he blew up in frustration.
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