Phrasal Verbs List with Call

Explore a diverse range of phrasal verbs with "call" and their meanings. From summoning and requesting to visiting and challenging, discover their versatile usage. 1. Call away (Summon; to cause to depart):
  • They called him away from the meeting to attend to an urgent matter.
  • She received an important phone call that called her away from the party.
  • They called away their employees to address an emergency situation.
2. Call down (Pray for; to request from God):
  • In times of trouble, they would call down divine intervention and seek guidance.
  • She would call down blessings upon her loved ones during prayers.
  • They gathered in the church to call down spiritual blessings and seek forgiveness.
3. Call for (Shout out in order to summon a person):
  • He stood at the entrance and called for his friend to join him.
  • She would loudly call for her dog when it was time for a walk.
  • They would call for their children from the playground when it was time to go home.
4. Call for (Ask for in a loud voice):
  • They would call for help when they needed assistance.
  • She would call for a waiter to take their order at the restaurant.
  • They would call for attention during a public gathering to address their concerns.
5. Call for (Request, demand):
  • They called for a thorough investigation into the matter.
  • She called for justice and accountability in the face of wrongdoing.
  • They called for immediate action to address the pressing issue.
6. Call for (Necessitate, demand):
  • The situation called for urgent measures to prevent further damage.
  • She believed the circumstances called for a radical change in approach.
  • They acknowledged that the crisis called for a unified effort from all stakeholders.
7. Call for (Stop at a place and ask for someone):
  • They decided to call for their friend at their house before heading to the party.
  • She called for her colleague at the office to discuss an important project.
  • They would call for their teammate at their residence to go together for the game.
8. Call in (Communicate with a base, etc., by telephone):
  • They called in to report their progress on the project.
  • She regularly called in to check in with her family while traveling.
  • They would call in to provide updates and receive instructions from their supervisor.
9. Call in (Summon someone, especially for help or advice):
  • They called in a specialist to assess the situation and provide expert advice.
  • She would call in her lawyer to discuss the legal implications of the contract.
  • They decided to call in their team of experts to assist with the complex problem.
10. Call off (Recall; to cancel or call a halt to):
  • They had to call off the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • She decided to call off the meeting as most participants couldn't attend.
  • They called off the search operation after finding the missing hiker.
11. Call on (Visit a person; pay a call to):
  • They would call on their grandparents every Sunday for a family gathering.
  • She planned to call on her friend during her trip to the city.
  • They decided to call on their neighbors to check if they needed any assistance.
12. Call on (Select a student in a classroom, etc., to provide an answer):
  • The teacher would randomly call on students to participate in the discussion.
  • She would call on him to solve the math problem on the board.
  • They encouraged active participation by calling on different students for their opinions.
13. Call on (Request or ask something of a person; select for a task):
  • They called on their team members to contribute their ideas for the project.
  • She would call on her colleagues for support during challenging times.
  • They called on her expertise to lead the committee and oversee the project.
14. Call on (Have recourse to; to summon up):
  • In times of need, they would call on their inner strength and resilience.
  • She decided to call on her past experiences to guide her through the difficult situation.
  • They called on their resources and creativity to find a solution to the problem.
15. Call on (Correct; to point out an error or untruth):
  • They didn't hesitate to call her out when they noticed inconsistencies in her story.
  • She bravely called him out for his disrespectful behavior.
  • They would call out misinformation and false claims to protect the truth.
16. Call out (Specify, especially in detail):
  • They had to call out the specific requirements for the project to proceed.
  • She would call out the names of the participants for their turn to perform.
  • They called out the ingredients needed for the recipe to ensure they had everything.
17. Call out (Order into service; to summon into service):
  • They were ready to call out the reserves if the situation escalated.
  • She alerted the authorities to call out the fire department for immediate action.
  • They decided to call out additional staff to handle the busy period.
18. Call out (Challenge; denounce; point out; charge):
  • They would call out unfair treatment and advocate for justice.
  • She boldly called out the company's unethical practices.
  • They called out their opponents for their misleading statements during the debate.
These phrasal verbs with "call" provide a wide range of meanings and contexts. Explore their usage and enhance your English language skills. Course Home Free Courses
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