Phrasal Verbs List with Bring

Discover a variety of phrasal verbs with "bring" and their meanings. From causing events to happen to persuading others, explore their usage and examples. 1. Bring about (Cause to take place):
  • The new policy will bring about significant changes in the organization.
  • She worked hard to bring about positive social change in her community.
  • They hope to bring about a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.
2. Bring about (Accomplish, achieve):
  • With determination and effort, they managed to bring about their desired outcome.
  • She set ambitious goals and worked tirelessly to bring about her personal success.
  • They celebrated their team's ability to bring about a remarkable turnaround in performance.
3. Bring along (Bring someone or something to a certain place):
  • He invited her to bring along a friend to the party.
  • She always brings along her camera to capture special moments.
  • They decided to bring along their pets for a walk in the park.
4. Bring around (Persuade or convince someone):
  • They tried to bring around their skeptical colleagues with compelling evidence.
  • She used her persuasive skills to bring around the hesitant investors.
  • He was determined to bring around his friend to support the charitable cause.
5. Bring around (Bring something with you when you visit):
  • Don't forget to bring around a bottle of wine when you come for dinner.
  • She brings around a gift for the host whenever she visits someone's home.
  • They decided to bring around a bouquet of flowers to brighten up their friend's day.
6. Bring around (Get someone talking about something):
  • She managed to bring around the shy student and engage them in a lively conversation.
  • They used thought-provoking questions to bring around the participants and encourage active discussion.
  • He skillfully brought around the team to openly share their ideas and suggestions.
7. Bring back (Fetch something):
  • Could you please bring back a cup of coffee when you return?
  • She asked him to bring back her book from the library.
  • They requested their friend to bring back some souvenirs from their trip.
8. Bring back (Cause someone to remember something from the past):
  • The old photograph brought back memories of their childhood.
  • She shared a story that brought back fond memories of their time together.
  • They played their favorite song to bring back nostalgic feelings.
9. Bring back (Reenact an old rule or law):
  • The government decided to bring back an outdated policy to address the current situation.
  • She advocated for the need to bring back traditional values in modern society.
  • They discussed the potential consequences of bringing back a previously abolished regulation.
10. Bring down (Make a legitimate rulership lose their position of power):
  • The people united to bring down the corrupt regime.
  • She used her influence to mobilize public support and bring down the oppressive government.
  • They organized protests to peacefully bring down the dictatorial regime.
11. Bring down (Reduce):
  • They implemented cost-cutting measures to bring down expenses.
  • She managed to bring down her cholesterol levels through a healthy lifestyle.
  • He negotiated with suppliers to bring down the prices of raw materials.
12. Bring down (Make something fall to the ground):
  • The strong gust of wind brought down several trees in the area.
  • She accidentally brought down a stack of books while rearranging the shelves.
  • They used explosives to bring down the old building safely.
13. Bring down (Make someone feel bad emotionally):
  • His harsh criticism brought her down and shattered her confidence.
  • She chose to surround herself with positive influences to avoid being brought down by negativity.
  • They offered words of encouragement and support to bring her back up when she was feeling down.
14. Bring forth (Produce, bear as fruit):
  • The apple tree brought forth an abundant harvest of ripe fruits.
  • She nurtured her garden and was rewarded as it brought forth vibrant flowers.
  • They admired the fertile land that brought forth bountiful crops 15. Bring forth (Give birth):
    • The expectant mother was ready to bring forth new life into the world.
    • She experienced the joy and pain of bringing forth a beautiful baby.
    • They celebrated the arrival of their first child, grateful for the ability to bring forth a new generation.
    16. Bring forth (Create, generate, bring into existence):
    • The artist's imagination brought forth stunning works of art.
    • She had the ability to bring forth innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems.
    • They admired the writer's talent to bring forth captivating stories from their imagination.
    17. Bring forth (Display, produce, bring out for display):
    • The museum brought forth rare artifacts from its collection for a special exhibition.
    • She carefully brought forth the family heirlooms for everyone to admire.
    • They were impressed by the magician's ability to bring forth objects seemingly out of thin air.
    18. Bring forward (Make something happen earlier than originally planned):
    • They decided to bring forward the meeting to accommodate everyone's schedule.
    • She suggested to bring forward the deadline to ensure timely completion of the project.
    • They successfully brought forward the launch date of the new product, surprising the market.
    19. Bring in (Move something indoors):
    • They helped bring in the groceries from the car.
    • She asked for assistance to bring in the heavy furniture during the house move.
    • They used a trolley to bring in the boxes of supplies into the warehouse.
    20. Bring off (Succeed in doing something considered to be very difficult):
    • Against all odds, they managed to bring off a flawless performance on stage.
    • She meticulously planned every detail to bring off the ambitious project successfully.
    • They celebrated their team's ability to bring off a stunning victory in the championship.
    21. Bring out (Elicit, evoke, or emphasize a particular quality):
    • The teacher's encouragement brought out the best in her students.
    • She used music to bring out the emotions and create a powerful experience.
    • They praised the director's ability to bring out the authenticity in the actors' performances.
    22. Bring out (Place something new for public sale on the market; roll out):
    • The company plans to bring out a new line of products next month.
    • She eagerly anticipated the launch of the fashion brand's new collection brought out for the season.
    • They introduced innovative features when bringing out the latest version of their software.
    23. Bring out (Make a shy person more confident):
    • The supportive environment helped bring out her hidden talents and boosted her confidence.
    • She encouraged her friend to step out of her comfort zone and brought out her inner extrovert.
    • They applauded the mentor's ability to bring out the best in their team members.
    24. Bring out (Cause a visible symptom such as spots or a rash):
    • The allergic reaction brought out a rash on her skin.
    • She realized that stress could bring out acne breakouts on her face.
    • They consulted a dermatologist to address the factors that brought out their skin condition.
    25. Bring round (Bring something when coming):
    • Don't forget to bring round a bottle of wine when you visit.
    • She always brings round a gift for the host whenever she visits someone's home.
    • They decided to bring round a bouquet of flowers to brighten up their friend's day.
    26. Bring round (Resuscitate; to cause to regain consciousness):
    • They managed to bring him round using CPR after he collapsed.
    • She called an ambulance to bring round the unconscious person at the scene.
    • They patiently waited for the medical team to bring round their loved one after surgery.
    27. Bring round (Change someone’s opinion or point of view):
    • They engaged in a thoughtful discussion to bring him round to their perspective.
    • She presented compelling arguments to bring round the skeptics and win their support.
    • They hoped to bring round their family members to embrace their decision.
    28. Bring to (Restore consciousness):
    • They applied cold water to his face to bring him to after fainting.
    • She gently shook her friend to bring her to after she fell unconscious.
    • They monitored his vital signs closely to ensure he would be brought to safely.
    29. Bring to (Make something equal to a different amount):
    • They adjusted the figures to bring the total to the correct amount.
    • She recalculated the expenses to bring them to a more accurate value.
    • They reviewed the financial reports to bring the numbers to the desired level.
    30. Bring up (Mention):
    • They decided to bring up the important issue during the meeting.
    • She gently brought up the topic of sustainability in their conversation.
    • They encouraged the students to bring up any questions or concerns they had.
    31. Bring up (Raise):
    • They wanted to bring up their children in a loving and supportive environment.
    • She emphasized the importance of values they wished to bring up in their family.
    • They discussed strategies to bring up the team's performance to a higher level.
    32. Bring up (Uncover, to bring from obscurity):
    • They sought to bring up new talent and give them opportunities to shine.
    • She believed in the power of education to bring up individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    • They aimed to bring up the hidden stories and experiences of marginalized communities.
    33. Bring up (Turn on power or start, as of a machine):
    • They needed to bring up the generator to restore electricity after the power outage.
    • She pressed the button to bring up the computer and begin her work.
    • They activated the system to bring up the heating and cooling functions.
    34. Bring up (Vomit):
    • The strong smell made her bring up her dinner.
    • She felt nauseous and had to run to the bathroom to bring up what she had eaten.
    • They experienced motion sickness during the turbulent flight and had to bring up their lunch.
    These phrasal verbs with "bring" provide a range of meanings and contexts in which they can be used. Explore their usage and incorporate them into your English language skills. Course Home
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