Phrasal Verbs List with Carry

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive lesson on Phrasal Verbs! Today, we'll explore a diverse range of expressions that will enhance your English proficiency. From transporting objects to acting convincingly, and even causing death, Phrasal Verbs like "Carry off" and "Carry over" have multiple meanings and usage. Let's delve into each Phrasal Verb and unlock their meanings and examples.

Phrasal Verbs:

Carry off

(to transport away):
  • The workers swiftly carried off the heavy boxes to the storage area.
  • The police arrived to carry off the stolen artwork, ensuring its safe return.
  • Practice using this phrasal verb by imagining scenarios where objects need to be carried off to different locations.
  • Carry off

    (to act convincingly):
  • Despite her initial nervousness, the actress managed to carry off her role with grace and confidence.
  • He was able to carry off a convincing impression of a seasoned musician, fooling the audience.
  • Challenge yourself to carry off different personas and situations to improve your acting skills!
  • Carry off

    (to cause death):
  • The venomous snake bite sadly carried off the small animal.
  • The epidemic has unfortunately carried off many lives, prompting urgent preventive measures.
  • Reflect on how diseases or dangerous situations can carry off individuals and consider the importance of health and safety.
  • Carry on

    (to continue or proceed as before):
  • After the interruption, they decided to carry on with their discussion.
  • Despite the setbacks, the team remained determined to carry on with their project.
  • Explore different ways to carry on in challenging situations and maintain your focus.
  • Carry on

    (to take baggage or luggage onto an airplane):
  • As frequent travelers, they prefer to carry on their luggage instead of checking it.
  • Make sure your carry-on bags meet the airline's size and weight restrictions.
  • Share your experience of carrying on luggage and offer tips for efficient packing.
  • Carry on

    (to have or maintain):
  • She managed to carry on her family's legacy and traditions.
  • Despite the challenges, they persevered and carried on their business successfully.
  • Discuss how individuals and communities can carry on important values and customs.
  • Carry on

    (to act or behave, especially to misbehave and attract attention):
  • The children decided to carry on and play loudly, much to the annoyance of their parents.
  • His attention-seeking behavior was his way of carrying on in social settings.
  • Reflect on instances where people carry on to seek attention and explore alternative ways to express oneself.
  • Carry on

    (to have an illicit sexual relationship):
  • The scandal revealed that he had been carrying on with his colleague behind his partner's back.
  • Explore the consequences and ethical implications of carrying on relationships that betray trust.
  • Discuss the importance of open communication and trust in maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Carry out

    (to hold while moving it out):
  • She carefully carried out the fragile vase from the antique store.
  • They requested assistance to carry out the heavy furniture during the move.
  • Practice your coordination and strength by carrying out objects of varying weights.
  • Carry out

    (to fulfill):
  • The team is determined to carry out their project goals within the given timeline.
  • She made a commitment to carry out her responsibilities diligently.
  • Share examples of how you have successfully carried out tasks and projects.
  • Carry over

    (to transfer something to a later point in time):
  • The meeting was postponed, and the discussion will carry over to the following week.
  • The remaining funds from last year's budget will be carried over to the next fiscal year.
  • Consider situations where ideas, tasks, or resources need to be carried over and discuss their implications.
  • Note: Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in sentences and share them in the comments section below. Your active participation will strengthen your grasp of these expressions and foster a collaborative learning environment. Get creative and explore various contexts to reinforce your understanding of Phrasal Verbs. Keep up the great work! Course Home
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