Research Methodology

Level: BS 7th Course Code: ELL401

Course Description: The course introduces the basics of the research to the undergraduate students. It includes language of research, ethical principles and challenges, and the elements of the research process within quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches. It is designed to assist students understand the difference between different forms of research writings like book, thesis and research paper.

Prerequisite Courses
These courses are prerequired to understand research methodology.

Course Objectives
This course aims to enable students to:
  • develop an understanding of research terminology
  • create awareness of the ethical principles of research, ethical challenges and approval processes
  • differentiate among quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches to research
  • learn the steps involved in research process
  • identify the components of a literature review process
  • understand the difference between research paper, thesis and book writing
  • develop knowledge about different components of a synopsis and a research paper

Course Contents
  1. Introduction to Research
  2. Research process overview
  3. Research methods: Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed method research
  4. Types of Qualitative and Quantitative researches
  5. Thinking like a researcher: Understanding concepts, constructs, variables, and definitions
  6. Problems and Hypotheses: Defining the research problem, Formulation of the research hypotheses
  7. Reviewing literature
  8. Data collection
  9. Data processing and analysis
  10. Difference between a research paper, thesis and book writing
  11. Parts of a synopsis
  12. Research ethics and plagiarism
  13. Research paper formatting: MLA and APA
Extra Lectures
  • Citing Sources in Literature Review: Vocabulary

  • Take Online Exams
    To be added soon...

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