Critical Thinking Skills

Course Description: In order to provide a solid foundation for our assertions, convictions, and attitudes about the world, this course examines the nature and methods of critical thought. From formal logic to dialectical materialism, from analysing arguments to the Socratic Method, we examine several aspects of critical thinking. Views of knowledge generation in its social context, reasoning and inference, valuing and evaluating, and observation and interpretation are all taken into consideration.

Course Objectives
  • To identify logical fallacies within arguments.
  • To develop basic understanding of discussion ethics and arguments
  • To make an argument that follows logic and is supported by reasons.

Course Contents
Course Outcomes
  1. Interpret arguments by delving into the logical reasoning process.
  2. Produce arguments that are well-founded.
  3. Analyze the level of argumentation, interpretation, and/or belief.
  4. Consider the mode(s) of inquiry that were utilised to produce and collect the data.
  5. Interpret the data and conclusions, particularly when they support opposing viewpoints.
  6. Observe a situation from several angles to identify one's prejudices.
  7. Determine whether a viewpoint, an argument, or a belief is reasonable.
  8. When tackling challenging issues, maintain discipline, organisation, attention, and empathy.
  9. Reflective thought is used to assess one's own opinions or conclusions.

Further Readings
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