Symbols and Symbolism in "The Hairy Ape"

Symbols are objects, characters, figures, and colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.

Rodin's "The Thinker"

Yank's impression of Rodin's statue, "The Thinker," symbolizes Yank's struggle with thought despite embodying the pose physically. Each time Yank assumes this pose, it reflects his need to confront obstacles through thought, particularly after his expulsion from the I.W.W.


  • Apes in the play symbolize a primitive state of humanity, free from societal complexities and focused solely on survival.
  • Yank's frequent comparison to apes highlights his primal nature, struggles with complex thought, and alienation from the class system.


  • Steel symbolizes power and oppression throughout the play, enclosing characters in literal and metaphorical cages.
  • Yank's identification with steel underscores his role as a product of industrialization and societal confinement.

Symbolism: Its Nature and Function

Symbolism in the play utilizes characters, settings, and language to convey deeper themes and realities, enriching the narrative with profound significance.

Yank as a Complex Symbol

  • Yank symbolizes multiple ideas: the ideal stoker, the proletariat, primal instincts, harmony with nature, and the universal human experience in the machine age.

Confrontation with Mildred: Its Symbolic Significance

The clash between Yank and Mildred symbolizes the broader class conflict between the proletariat and the capitalist elite, illustrating themes of alienation and disillusionment in modern industrial society.

Language as Symbol

The language used, particularly around Yank's repeated use of "belong," symbolizes his growing alienation and existential crisis in a mechanized world.

The Symbolic Value of the Setting

The settings in the play symbolize confinement, dehumanization, and the monotony of modern life, reflecting Yank's existential struggle within a mechanistic society.

Symbolism in the Last Scene

The final scene, featuring Yank and the gorilla, symbolizes Yank's psychological regression and existential crisis, though its theatrical presentation may be seen as melodramatic.


"The Hairy Ape" utilizes symbolism across characters, settings, and dialogue to explore humanity's fate in the industrial age, offering universal themes that resonate with audiences.

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