Phrasal Verbs with Walk

Explore the various meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to walking. Discover withdrawing, surviving, abandoning, entering suddenly, colliding, recovering, and more. Phrasal Verbs, Meanings, and Example Sentences:
  • Walk away: Withdraw from a problematic situation; survive a challenging or dangerous situation without harm.
    1. When things get tough, it's sometimes best to walk away and take a break.
    2. She managed to walk away from the accident with only minor injuries.
    3. He decided to walk away from the toxic relationship for his own well-being.
  • Walk away from: Abandon or leave; to shun.
    1. He walked away from his responsibilities and left others to deal with the mess.
    2. They chose to walk away from the business venture due to financial risks.
    3. She decided to walk away from negative influences and focus on her own growth.
  • Walk in on: Enter suddenly or unexpectedly while something is happening; to intrude or interrupt by entering.
    1. I accidentally walked in on their private conversation.
    2. She was embarrassed when she walked in on her parents dancing in the living room.
    3. He didn't realize he walked in on a surprise party being planned for him.
  • Walk into: Collide with; fall into (a trap), especially one that could have been avoided with more care.
    1. He wasn't paying attention and walked into a lamppost.
    2. She walked into a trap set by her cunning opponent.
    3. They walked into a financial scam due to their lack of awareness.
  • Walk it off: Recover from (a minor injury) or digest (a large meal) by walking around.
    1. After twisting his ankle, he decided to walk it off to ease the pain.
    2. Feeling bloated after dinner, she took a stroll to walk it off.
    3. His coach advised him to walk off the muscle soreness after an intense workout.
  • Walk out: Go out with; to be romantically involved.
    1. They have been walking out for several months now.
    2. She suspected her partner of walking out with someone else.
    3. He decided to walk out on the relationship after realizing they had different priorities.
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