Phrasal Verbs with Turn: List II

Discover the diverse meanings of Phrasal Verbs related to turning. Explore results, attendance, production, rotation, reversal, appearance, and more.
  • Turn out: Result; end up.
    1. The event turned out to be a great success.
    2. Despite initial doubts, everything turned out well in the end.
    3. He didn't expect things to turn out the way they did.
  • Turn out: Attend; show up.
    1. Many people turned out for the concert in the park.
    2. The entire team turned out to support their captain in the game.
    3. Will you turn out for the meeting tomorrow?
  • Turn out: Extinguish a light or other device.
    1. Don't forget to turn out the lights before leaving.
    2. He turned out the television and went to bed.
    3. Can you please turn out the oven when you're done baking?
  • Turn out: Become apparent or known; produce; make.
    1. It turned out that they were distant relatives.
    2. She turned out to be a talented musician.
    3. They turned out hundreds of products every day.
  • Turn over: Flip over; relinquish; give back.
    1. He turned over the paper and started writing on the other side.
    2. Please turn over the book when you're finished reading.
    3. She decided to turn over the stolen money to the authorities.
  • Turn over: Produce, complete, or cycle through; generate (a certain amount of money from sales).
    1. The factory turns over thousands of units each month.
    2. They managed to turn over a profit despite the challenging market conditions.
    3. He turned over the pages of the book to find the desired information.
  • Turn round: Revolve or rotate around a centre; turn so as to be facing in the opposite direction.
    1. The Earth turns round on its axis.
    2. He turned round to see who was calling his name.
    3. The dancer gracefully turned round on the stage.
  • Turn round: Change one’s opinion or attitude; put into an opposing position; make (a ship, airplane etc.) ready for departure.
    1. She turned round and apologized for her previous behavior.
    2. They decided to turn round their business strategy to stay competitive.
    3. The crew worked quickly to turn the ship round for its next voyage.
  • Turn round: Process; to complete work on (something), especially with a view to sending it on in a finished state.
    1. We need to turn round this project before the deadline.
    2. They turned round the report and sent it to the client.
    3. She efficiently turned round the customer's order in record time.
  • Turn to: Become; degenerate into; consult for advice.
    1. The discussion turned to a heated debate.
    2. His passion for writing turned to a full-time career.
    3. When in doubt, turn to a trusted friend for guidance.
  • Turn up: Show up; appear suddenly or unexpectedly; cause to appear; increase the amount of something by means of a control.
    1. He turned up late for the meeting.
    2. A surprise guest turned up at the party.
    3. She turned up the volume on the radio to enjoy the music.
  • Turn up: Reposition by rotating, flipping, etc. upwards; belay or make fast a line on a cleat or pin.
    1. She turned up her collar to shield herself from the cold wind.
    2. He turned up the rope to secure it to the anchor.
    3. Make sure to turn up the rope tightly for a secure hold.
  • Turn upside down: Flip over; thoroughly examine.
    1. The child turned the book upside down to see the pictures.
    2. They turned the house upside down in search of the missing keys.
    3. The detective turned the suspect's life upside down in the investigation.
Note to Learners: Excellent progress! Practice using these Phrasal Verbs in your own sentences to reinforce your understanding. Share your sentences in the comments section below and continue building your language skills. Well done! Course Home
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