Phrasal Verbs with Live

Live down (Get used to something shameful):
  • He made a major mistake, and it took him years to live it down and regain the trust of his colleagues.
  • They were caught in an embarrassing situation, but with time, they were able to live down the incident.
  • She did something regrettable in her past, but she's been working hard to live it down and move forward.
Live off (Survive by consuming only a certain thing or things):
  • He lives off his investments and doesn't need to work anymore.
  • They are trying to live off the land by growing their own food and relying on renewable resources.
  • She is currently unemployed and living off her savings until she finds a new job.
Live on (Survive solely by consuming a certain thing):
  • They live on a strict vegetarian diet and don't consume any animal products.
  • He can live on bread and water if he has to, as long as he has a roof over his head.
  • She prefers to live on fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle.
Live on (Endure):
  • Despite the hardships, they managed to live on and find joy in the little things.
  • He has been through difficult times, but his resilience allows him to live on and stay optimistic.
  • She lost her loved one, but she continues to live on and honor their memory.
Live out (Not reside on the premises of one's employer):
  • He used to live in a staff accommodation, but now he prefers to live out and have his own place.
  • They provided him with housing, but he chose to live out and have more independence.
  • She decided to live out and commute to work from her own home.
Live out (Live some distance away or outside of a town/city):
  • They enjoy the peacefulness of living out in the countryside.
  • He prefers the convenience of living closer to the city center rather than out in the suburbs.
  • She wants to move out and experience a different environment.
Live out (Fulfill or act out a dream, fantasy, or aspiration):
  • He had always dreamed of being a musician, and now he's finally living it out by performing on stage.
  • They decided to live out their travel fantasies and explore the world.
  • She had a passion for acting and was determined to live it out by pursuing a career in the theater.
Live out (Pass time or to pass the remainder of one's life):
  • He plans to retire early and live out the rest of his days traveling and enjoying life.
  • They want to live out their retirement in a peaceful seaside town.
  • She hopes to live out a long and fulfilling life surrounded by loved ones.
Live through (Survive a difficult period or event):
  • They went through a devastating earthquake but managed to live through the aftermath and rebuild their lives.
  • He has experienced personal hardships but found the strength to live through and emerge stronger.
  • She faced numerous challenges in her career but was able to live through and achieve success.
Live up (Fulfill the expectations placed upon):
  • He always strives to live up to his parents' high expectations.
  • They were impressed by how she managed to live up to the responsibilities of her demanding job.
  • She wants to live up to her own standards and be the best version of herself.
Note: Practice using these phrasal verbs in sentences to improve your English skills. Share your sentences in the comments section below to receive feedback and engage in discussions with fellow learners. Keep up the great work in expanding your phrasal verb vocabulary! Course Home

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