Phrasal Verbs with Lay

Lay by (Put away for future use; put aside; store; save; hoard; to build up as savings):
  • She decided to lay by a portion of her monthly income for a rainy day.
  • They always lay by some extra food supplies in case of emergencies.
  • He managed to lay by enough money to buy a new car.
Lay down (Give up, surrender, or yield; e.g., a weapon):
  • The suspect was ordered to lay down his weapon and surrender.
  • They decided to lay down their arms and seek a peaceful resolution.
  • He reluctantly laid down his sword and accepted defeat.
Lay down (Intentionally take a fall while riding a motorcycle, in order to prevent a more serious collision):
  • The experienced rider quickly laid down his bike to avoid a collision with the oncoming car.
  • She had to make a split-second decision and laid down her motorcycle to avoid hitting the pedestrian.
  • He skillfully laid down his bike on the grassy verge to avoid crashing into the barrier.
Lay down (Specify, institute, enact, assert firmly, state authoritatively, establish or formulate):
  • The company laid down strict guidelines for employee conduct in the workplace.
  • They laid down the rules and regulations for the competition.
  • He laid down his expectations clearly and firmly to his team.
Lay down (Lie down; to place oneself in a reclined or horizontal position, on a bed or similar, for the purpose of resting):
  • After a long day, she decided to lay down and take a nap.
  • They usually lay down on the sofa and watch TV in the evening.
  • He felt exhausted and needed to lay down to relax his tired body.
Lay low (Topple or overcome; to cause to fall; of a person, to knock out):
  • The boxer delivered a powerful punch that laid his opponent low.
  • They managed to lay low their competitors and emerge as the winners.
  • He threw a decisive blow that laid his opponent low and secured his victory.
Lay off (Cease, quit, stop doing something):
  • They decided to lay off the project due to budget constraints.
  • She promised to lay off smoking for the sake of her health.
  • He realized it was time to lay off the junk food and start eating healthier.
Lay off (Stop bothering, teasing, or pestering someone; to leave someone alone):
  • They asked their classmates to lay off their friend and stop making fun of him.
  • She told her siblings to lay off her and give her some privacy.
  • He was getting annoyed with their constant teasing and asked them to lay off.
Lay on (Provide food or drinks for free):
  • The company laid on a lavish buffet for the employees during the holiday party.
  • They laid on refreshments for the guests at the conference.
  • He decided to lay on a barbecue for his friends on the weekend.
Lay on (Repeatedly say particular things):
  • He would lay on the same jokes at every gathering, which eventually became tiresome.
  • They would lay on compliments for each other to boost their morale.
  • She tended to lay on excuses whenever she was late for work.
Lay out (Arrange in a certain way, so as to spread or space apart):
  • She carefully laid out the ingredients on the kitchen counter before starting to cook.
  • They laid out the furniture in the room to create an open and inviting space.
  • He took the time to lay out his tools neatly in the workshop for easy access.
Lay up (Make a layup with a basketball):
  • He managed to lay up the ball and score the winning point for his team.
  • They practiced their moves on the court, focusing on laying up the ball smoothly.
  • She perfected her technique and could lay up the ball from different angles.
Note: Practice using these phrasal verbs in sentences to improve your English skills. Share your sentences in the comments section below to receive feedback and engage in discussions with fellow learners. Keep up the great work in expanding your phrasal verb vocabulary! Course Home
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