Phrasal Verbs List with Get: Part I

Welcome to an exciting lesson on Phrasal Verbs! In this module, we'll dive into a variety of Phrasal Verbs and their meanings. From "Get about" to "Get down," we'll uncover the versatility and richness of these expressions. Mastering Phrasal Verbs will enhance your language proficiency and empower you to communicate with greater fluency. Let's embark on this learning journey together!

Get about

Meaning 1: Be mobile, physically active

  • Despite her injury, she still manages to get about and engage in various physical activities.
  • As we age, it becomes important to find ways to stay active and get about to maintain our mobility.

Meaning 2: Become widely known

  • News of the incident quickly got about and spread throughout the community.
  • Her talent and skills got about in the industry, leading to numerous opportunities.

Meaning 3: Visit a variety of different places

  • They love to travel and get about, exploring different countries and experiencing diverse cultures.
  • During their vacation, they plan to get about and visit multiple cities in the region.

Get across

Meaning 1: Cross; to move from one side (of something) to the other, literally or figuratively

  • The bridge provides a safe passage for pedestrians to get across the river.
  • In the meeting, he struggled to get his point across and convey his ideas effectively.

Meaning 2: Make an idea evident; to successfully explain a thought or feeling; put over

  • She used visual aids to get her message across and ensure everyone understood the concept.
  • It can be challenging to get your emotions across accurately, but open communication can help bridge the gap.

Get after

Meaning 1: Move into action in pursuit of something

  • She needs to get after her goals and work diligently to achieve them.
  • The detective vowed to get after the criminals and bring them to justice.

Meaning 2: Move into action in an attempt to catch or defeat another

  • The team was determined to get after their opponents and secure a victory.
  • He decided to get after the record and push his limits to achieve a new personal best.

Meaning 3: Attempt to convince another to move into action

  • The coach continuously gets after his players to give their best effort on the field.
  • She tries to get after her colleagues to participate actively in team projects.

Get ahead

To progress

  • With hard work and determination, she managed to get ahead in her career.
  • They recognized the value of continuous learning to get ahead in today's competitive world.

Get ahead of

To move in front of

  • He increased his pace to get ahead of the other runners in the race.
  • They strategically planned their actions to get ahead of their competitors in the market.

Get along

Meaning 1: Interact or coexist well, without argument or trouble

  • Despite their differences, they get along and maintain a harmonious relationship.
  • She has a friendly personality and gets along well with people from different backgrounds.

Meaning 2: Survive; to do well enough

  • With the limited resources, they manage to get along and meet their basic needs.
  • Despite the challenges they face, they find ways to get along and make the most of their circumstances.

Get along with

Meaning 1: Have a good relationship with someone

  • She has always been able to get along with her colleagues, creating a positive work environment.
  • He finds it easy to get along with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Meaning 2: Deal with; handle

  • She has developed effective strategies to get along with difficult customers and resolve conflicts.
  • He possesses the skills to get along with challenging situations and find solutions.

Get around

Meaning 1: Move to the other side of an obstruction

  • They had to find an alternate route to get around the road closure.
  • She carefully maneuvered her wheelchair to get around the narrow hallway.

Meaning 2: Come around something

  • The river bends to get around the mountain, creating a picturesque view.

Meaning 3: Avoid or bypass an obstacle

  • He found a clever loophole to get around the strict rules and regulations.
  • They devised a plan to get around the logistical challenges and successfully execute the project.

Meaning 4: Circumvent the obligation and performance of a chore

  • She always tries to get around doing household chores by finding excuses.
  • They devised a system to efficiently get around administrative tasks and save time.

Meaning 5: Transport oneself from place to place

  • They use public transportation to get around the city and explore different neighborhoods.
  • She relies on her bicycle to get around campus and avoid traffic.

Meaning 6: Be sexually promiscuous

  • He has a reputation for getting around and dating multiple people.
  • She doesn't believe in getting around and prefers to be in committed relationships.

Get around to

To eventually begin or return to some procrastinated task

  • He needs to get around to organizing his cluttered workspace.
  • After weeks of delay, she finally got around to replying to the email.

Get at

Meaning 1: Manage to gain access to

  • The cat tries to get at the treats on the top shelf by climbing up.
  • He couldn't get at the files because they were locked in a secure cabinet.

Meaning 2: Understand or ascertain by investigation

  • The detective aims to get at the truth behind the mysterious case.
  • Through careful analysis, they were able to get at the root cause of the problem.

Meaning 3: Mean, signify

  • What is he trying to get at with his cryptic remarks?
  • The hidden message in the painting is difficult to get at without proper interpretation.

Meaning 4: Attack verbally or physically; to annoy, bother

  • He constantly tries to get at his classmates by making hurtful comments.
  • She knew how to get at her brother's nerves and provoke a reaction.

Meaning 5: Persuade by intimidation; to tamper with

  • The criminal attempted to get at the witnesses to prevent them from testifying.
  • They discovered that someone had tried to get at the evidence and tamper with it.

Meaning 6: Contact someone

  • He tried to get at his friend by calling multiple times, but there was no answer.She managed to get at the author of the book through social media and express her appreciation.

Get away

Meaning 1: Move away (from)

  • He stepped back to get away from the edge of the cliff.
  • She needed to get away from the crowded city and enjoy some solitude in nature.

Meaning 2: Avoid capture; to escape (from)

  • The thief managed to get away before the police arrived.
  • They planned a daring escape to get away from their captors.

Meaning 3: Take a break from one’s present circumstances

  • She decided to take a vacation and get away from the stress of work.
  • They rented a cabin in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Meaning 4: Start moving; to depart

  • They waved goodbye and got away on their road trip.
  • The train is about to get away, so we need to board quickly.

Meaning 5: Slip from one’s control

  • The situation got away from him, and he struggled to regain control.
  • She felt her emotions getting away from her as tears filled her eyes.

Get away from

To start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion

  • Let's not get away from the main topic and focus on what's important.
  • He tends to get away from the point and share unrelated anecdotes.

Get away with

Escape punishment for

  • He thought he could get away with cheating on the exam, but he was caught.
  • They managed to get away with stealing the jewelry without anyone noticing.

Get back

To return to where one came from

  • After the vacation, it's time to get back to work and resume our regular routine.
  • They decided to get back to their hometown after living in the city for many years.

Get back

Meaning 1: Retrieve; to have an item returned

  • He needs to get back his books from his friend before the school year starts.
  • She's waiting to get back her laptop from the repair shop.

Meaning 2: Do something to hurt or harm someone who has hurt or harmed you

  • He wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend for breaking his heart.
  • She planned to get back at her rival by outperforming her in the upcoming competition.

Get back at

To retaliate against; to take revenge on

  • He vowed to get back at his enemies and make them pay for what they've done.
  • She decided to get back at her boss by exposing his unethical behavior.

Get back to

To return contact with

  • He promised to get back to her with the information she requested.
  • She needs to get back to her clients as soon as possible.

Get behind

To support

  • The community came together to get behind the local charity and raise funds for a good cause.
  • They decided to get behind their team and show their support at every game.

Get behind with

To be late paying instalments for something

  • She fell behind on her mortgage payments and got behind with the bank.
  • They need to catch up on their bills as they have got behind with their payments.

Get by

To subsist; to succeed, survive, or manage, at least at a minimal level

  • With their limited income , they managed to get by and meet their basic needs.
  • She's not earning much, but she can get by with careful budgeting.

Get down

Meaning 1: Bring or come down; descend

  • He carefully climbed down the ladder, making sure not to get down too quickly.
  • The bird flew from the tree and got down to the ground.

Meaning 2: Depress; discourage; fatigue

  • The constant criticism started to get her down and affect her self-esteem.
  • After a long day at work, he felt mentally and physically get down.

Meaning 3: Swallow

  • She took a sip of water to get down the pill.
  • He struggled to get down the large piece of steak.

Meaning 4: Relax and enjoy oneself completely; be uninhibited in one’s enjoyment

  • At the party, everyone let loose and got down on the dance floor.
  • They turned up the music and got down to celebrate the success.
These are just a few examples of how the phrasal verbs "Get about," "Get across," "Get after," "Get ahead," "Get along," "Get around," "Get around to," "Get at," "Get away," "Get away from," "Get away with," "Get back," "Get back at," "Get back to," "Get behind," "Get behind with," "Get by," "Get down," and "Get down" can be used. Remember to practice using them in different contexts to reinforce your understanding. Keep up the great work! Course Home
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