Phrasal Verbs List with Fill

Welcome to an exciting journey of Phrasal Verbs! In this lesson, we'll explore various Phrasal Verbs and their meanings. From "Fill in" to "Fill up," we'll delve into the versatility of these expressions. Mastering Phrasal Verbs will expand your language skills and enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Get ready to unlock the power of these linguistic tools!

Fill in

(to fill; to replace material that is absent or has been removed):
  • She used a marker to fill in the missing words on the crossword puzzle.
  • The dentist will fill in the cavity with a dental filling to restore the tooth's structure.
  • Share instances where you had to fill in missing information or gaps in a document or task.
  • Fill in

    (to inform somebody, especially to supply someone missing or missed information):
  • Can you fill me in on what happened while I was away?
  • The teacher filled the students in on the details of the upcoming field trip.
  • Discuss the importance of filling someone in with necessary information to keep them informed and included.
  • Fill in

    (to substitute for somebody or something):
  • The receptionist will fill in for her colleague who is on vacation.
  • He was asked to fill in as the lead singer for the band's performance.
  • Reflect on situations where you have had to fill in for someone or be a substitute in a specific role.
  • Fill in

    (to beat up; to physically assault):
  • They were attacked and filled in by a group of bullies.
  • The gang members decided to fill him in for crossing their territory.
  • Discuss the consequences and impact of physical violence, emphasizing the importance of peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Fill out

    (to complete a form or questionnaire with requested information):
  • Before starting a new job, she had to fill out an employment application form.
  • Please fill out this survey to provide feedback on your customer experience.
  • Share experiences of filling out forms or questionnaires and the importance of providing accurate information.
  • Fill out

    (to have one's physique expand with maturity or with surplus weight):
  • As he grew older, his frame filled out and he became more muscular.
  • She started eating more and began to fill out over the years.
  • Discuss the natural changes that occur as individuals fill out and grow into their bodies.
  • Fill up

    (to fill the tank of a vehicle with fuel):
  • He stopped at the gas station to fill up his car before a long road trip.
  • The attendant will fill up your tank while you wait in your vehicle.
  • Reflect on experiences of filling up gas tanks and the importance of maintaining fuel levels for smooth transportation.
  • Fill up

    (to annoy or displease by taunting or by excessive nagging):
  • His constant complaints and criticisms filled her up and made her frustrated.
  • The teasing remarks from her classmates filled him up and he couldn't ignore them anymore.
  • Discuss the impact of negative remarks and the importance of fostering a supportive and positive environment.
  • Fill up

    (to satisfy someone's hunger):
  • After a long day of hiking, they stopped at a restaurant to fill up and refuel their energy.
  • The hearty meal filled them up and left them feeling content.
  • Share experiences of satisfying hunger and the enjoyment of filling up with delicious food.
  • Now it's your turn to practice using these Phrasal Verbs in sentences. Share your examples in the comments below and embrace the opportunity to enhance your language skills. Keep up the great work!

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