Phrasal Verbs List with Act

Act on (Act decisively on the basis of information received or deduced):
  • After receiving the urgent report, the CEO acted on the information immediately, making critical decisions to resolve the issue.
  • The government promised to act on the recommendations of the expert panel to address the environmental concerns.
  • The detective acted on a tip from a confidential source and successfully apprehended the suspect.
Act on (Take action against something):
  • The company decided to act on the counterfeit product issue by launching a nationwide campaign to raise awareness.
  • The regulatory authorities are determined to act on any fraudulent activities within the financial sector.
  • The police were instructed to act on any reports of vandalism in the neighborhood.
Act on (Affect something):
  • The sudden policy change by the government acted on the stock market, causing a significant drop in share prices.
  • The extreme weather conditions acted on the crops, leading to a poor harvest this year.
  • The medicine quickly acted on the patient's symptoms, providing immediate relief.
Act out (Perform a scene from a play, a charade, or an exercise):
  • The drama club students enthusiastically acted out a famous Shakespearean scene during their school's talent show.
  • The children were asked to act out a fairy tale as part of their language development exercise.
  • During the acting workshop, the participants were encouraged to act out different emotions and scenarios to enhance their skills.
Act out (Perform a fantasy in reality):
  • She couldn't resist the opportunity to act out her favorite superhero's powers during the costume party.
  • The actors brilliantly acted out a thrilling chase scene in the action movie.
  • He always dreamed of acting out his favorite movie scenes with his friends in real life.
Act out (Express one’s feelings through disruptive actions):
  • Feeling ignored, the child started to act out by throwing tantrums.
  • She used to act out her frustration by slamming doors and breaking things.
  • The teenager's rebellion was evident as he would act out his anger at every opportunity.
Act out (Express ideas or desires through actions rather than words):
  • Instead of explaining his emotions, he chose to act out his love by planning a surprise romantic date.
  • They acted out their excitement by jumping up and down and cheering loudly.
  • She decided to act out her frustration by going for a long run to clear her mind.
Act up (Misbehave; cause trouble):
  • The computer started to act up and froze in the middle of an important presentation.
  • Her car always seems to act up when she's in a rush, adding to her daily stress.
  • The child tends to act up when he's tired and doesn't get his way.
Act up to (Equal in action; fulfill in practice):
  • He aims to act up to his father's legacy by becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • As a team leader, it's important for her to act up to the expectations and set a good example.
  • The company strives to act up to its core values in all aspects of its business operations.
Act upon (Take action on the basis of information received or deduced):
  • The committee decided to act upon the feedback received from the customers and implement necessary improvements.
  • Upon learning about the potential danger, the authorities quickly acted upon the information to ensure public safety.
  • She urged her colleagues to act upon the insights gained from the market research to stay ahead of the competition.
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