List of Phrasal Verbs with Answer

Answer back (Reply impertinently; to talk back): Despite being reprimanded, the defiant student answered back to the teacher, causing further disciplinary action. When confronted about his behavior, he chose to answer back with disrespectful remarks. It's important to teach children not to answer back but instead express their concerns respectfully. Answer back (Reply to a question at a later time): I didn't have the answer at that moment, but I promised to answer back as soon as I found the information. The job candidate was asked a difficult question during the interview and was given time to answer back via email. The team leader requested everyone to think about the problem overnight and answer back with their proposed solutions the next morning. Answer for (Be held responsible for; to take the blame for something): As the project manager, you will have to answer for any mistakes made by your team. He was made to answer for his actions and faced the consequences of his unethical behavior. It is important to answer for your own actions and not shift the blame onto others. Answer for (Guarantee): The company will answer for the quality and durability of their products with a comprehensive warranty. The manufacturer answered for any defects in the product by offering free repairs or replacements. By signing the contract, they answered for the timely completion of the construction project. Answer for (Vouch for someone; to attest to the character of someone): As a close friend, I can answer for his integrity and trustworthiness. The professor was willing to answer for the capabilities and academic achievements of the student. He asked if I could answer for his professional competence and provide a reference for his job application. Answer to (Be accountable or responsible to): As the team leader, you answer to the project manager for the progress and outcomes of your team. The employees answer to the CEO and are expected to follow the company's guidelines and policies. He was appointed as the supervisor and now answers to the director of the department. Answer to (Justify oneself to someone): When accused of misconduct, he felt the need to answer to his colleagues and explain his actions. She had to answer to the board of directors and provide an explanation for the financial discrepancies. The spokesperson was required to answer to the media regarding the company's controversial decision. Answer to (Respond to a name; to treat as one’s own name): The employee turned around as his supervisor called his name, acknowledging that he answered to that name. She prefers to be called by her nickname and rarely answers to her full name. The dog was well-trained and answered to simple commands such as "sit" and "stay". Course Home

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