Critical Literary Theories: Free Online Course

More theories and topics to be added soon.

Marxist Literary Theory
Description: Marxist literary theory examines the relationship between literature and socioeconomic conditions. It explores how literature reflects and critiques the power dynamics, class struggles, and ideologies within society. Drawing from Karl Marx's ideas, this approach emphasizes the role of literature in shaping and challenging dominant narratives, exposing social inequalities, and advocating for revolutionary change. By analyzing texts through a Marxist lens, this theory seeks to uncover hidden meanings and uncover the underlying sociopolitical forces at play.
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Psychoanalytical Literary Theory
Description: Psychoanalytical literary theory explores the connection between literature and psychology, applying Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic concepts to interpret and analyze literary works. It delves into the unconscious motivations, desires, and conflicts of characters, examining how symbols, dreams, and language reveal deeper psychological layers and the interplay between the conscious and the subconscious mind. By examining the psychological complexities embedded within literature, this theory aims to uncover hidden meanings, psychological processes, and the impact of literature on the reader's psyche.
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