The Mortgages Poem by Mason Carter

In love's vast landscape, where hearts dare to roam,
A mortgage of affection finds its sweetest home.
It's a partnership of hearts, an investment profound,
Building a foundation on love's fertile ground.

Like a mortgage, love requires commitment's key,
A contract of trust and shared responsibility.
With each passing day, we pay love's dues,
Investing in a future where happiness ensues.

Interest grows, compounding with delight,
As love's dividends yield joy day and night.
We build equity in moments, both big and small,
Creating a bond that strengthens above all.

Sometimes, like adjustable rates, love may fluctuate,
But with open communication, we navigate.
We make adjustments, finding balance anew,
Weathering storms, love's mortgage sees us through.

We make payments of affection, rich and true,
The currency of love, forever accruing value.
Each act of kindness, a principal repaid,
As love's mortgage blossoms in the love we've made.

And just as a mortgage brings stability and peace,
Love provides a haven where hearts find release.
It's a shelter from life's uncertainties and strife,
A mortgage of love that enriches our life.

So let us cherish this mortgage of the heart,
Where love compounds, never to depart.
With commitment as our guiding foundation stone,
We build a love that stands, forever our own.
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