The Attorney, Poem by Mason Carter

In love's courtroom, where hearts stand on trial,
An attorney of affection pleads with a smile.
With words as their weapon, they advocate true,
Defending the love between me and you.

They gather evidence of moments shared,
Testimonials of how much we've cared.
They present exhibits of laughter and tears,
Highlighting the bond that has spanned the years.

Like a skilled lawyer, they argue with grace,
Crafting a case that no one can erase.
They dismantle doubt, demolish despair,
To showcase the love that we both declare.

Objections may come, from voices afar,
But our attorney of love won't be deterred.
They counter each argument, unwavering and strong,
For they know the truth that's been there all along.

They paint love's picture with colors so bright,
Illuminating our path through the darkest of nights.
They navigate complexities, overcoming strife,
Guiding us forward to a fulfilling life.

Their legal expertise, a comforting embrace,
Shielding us from harm, in love's sacred space.
They negotiate compromise, fostering trust,
Resolving conflicts with fairness and just.

For love, like a case, requires dedication,
An attorney of love serves with dedication.
They navigate obstacles, seeking a resolution,
To nurture a love that defies all confusion.

So let our attorney of love, steadfast and true,
Defend and protect what we hold so dear.
With their guidance and wisdom, we'll always prevail,
For in love's courtroom, our hearts will never fail.
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