Words to Describe Body Types & Shapes: Creative Writing


Slender:             Thin in an elegant and beautiful way.
Slim:                  Synonym for "thin" with a positive connotation.
Lanky:               Awkwardly tall and thin. 
Skinny:              Very thin; doesn't eat enough.
Slight                 Thin as a mirror, can smash into pieces if fallen down.
Petite:                 Short; often used for women.
Lean & Wiry:     Thin and muscular.


Well-built:     Big and strong.
Ripped:          Muscular & in good shape.
Broad:            A wide person. 
Burly:            Strong & heavy like a warrior.
Buff:              In great shape.
Beefy:            One with a lot of muscles. Often used for men.


Big-boned:      Sugarcoated word for fat.
Chubby:           Positive word for fat; "healthy weight".
Matronly:         Positive word for a woman who is fat because she has borne children.
Obese:              Grossly overweight.
Paunchy:          One with a beer belly. 
Stout:                Fat, thick & short.

Erotic Words for Body

Busty:             One with large boobs.
Chiseled:         Muscular & well-defined body.
Curvy:             Stereotypical female body: thin waist, wider hips, and a proportionate upper body.
Graceful:         Sexy, agile, elegant, or well-poised.
Neat:                Properly groomed; not thin or fat.
Seductive:        Sexually captivating & arousing. 
Well-endowed:  Used to praise men's genitals.

Other Body Shape Adjectives

Stooped:         Having back & shoulders rounded instead of erect.
Pigeon-toed:   One with both feet facing each other. Course Home

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