System of Conditioned Conditioning

Dialectic is rejection of linear chain of cause and effect as perceived in formal logic, rather it is a web and a system of conditioning agents who are conditioned themselves in a reciprocal relationship with the conditioned. Every cause is an effect and every effect a cause simultaneously. Cause and effect are not singular as well, they there can be multiple causes for an effect or vice versa, or many possible scenarios. It is not linear singular chain but rather a web and a system of conditioning conditioned and conditioned conditioning factors.

The terms cause and effect imply singular linear chain of change which is over simplified misconception of reality, therefore, the terms system of conditioned conditioning and conditioning conditioned in reciprocal relations are preferred.

For example; Culture is conditioning language and is being conditioned by language, religions are conditioning language and culture and are being conditioned by them. Economics and family structures are conditioning language, religion, and culture and at the same time are being conditioned back and so on.

Understanding these relations paves the way for understanding the system and reality is no longer compartmentalized which leads to drawing bigger picture.

You must have heard the phrases ''see the bigger picture'' ''see the whole truth'' ''think out of box'' . Well, now you know how!

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