System before History

Inquiry begins with system before history because history of literature, economics, religion, culture, language or any specific thesis alone is undialectical since they are not isolated, but have conditioned and are being conditioned by others. First we have to take the thesis as a relation in system, that is, in what ways it has conditioned and has been conditioned, or is conditioning and being conditioned in regard to other thesis.

For example; how language has conditioned culture and is being conditioned by it, how language has conditioned literature and is being conditioned by it, how language has conditioned economics and is being conditioned by it.

Having analysed a thesis as a relation, second step is to analyse it as a process in trace development of this thesis within its systemic relations and the changes through conditioning and conditioned factors, in terms of form and essence.

For example; In context of already analysed relations, what cultural, political, economic e.t.c conditioning factors had conditioned subjected elements in language and how were they conditioned back in reciprocal relations, did the conditioning effect occur in form, essence or both

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