Building Safe and Healthy Relationships

As you go through this lesson, it is important to remember that all relationships should be safe, healthy, and respectful. Whether you are with family, friends, dating, or involved in a sexual relationship, you deserve to have healthy and safe experiences. Here are some qualities of a healthy relationship:

Key Qualities of a Healthy Relationship


  • Honesty involves telling the truth and practicing open and clear communication.
  • Being honest helps build trust and ensures that both parties are aware of each other's feelings and thoughts.


  • Equality means that people have equal power with their friends or dating partners.
  • For example, each person has the same amount of power in decision making. This ensures that no one feels overpowered or undervalued in the relationship.


  • Respect looks different for everyone, but it generally involves recognizing and honoring each other's feelings, boundaries, and values.
  • Two examples of showing respect are using kind words and honoring boundaries.


  • Responsibility means taking ownership or admitting when you are wrong or made a mistake.
  • There's also shared responsibility in all relationships. An example of this is when someone apologizes after they've hurt another person's feelings.
  • Another example is discussing condoms and other protection methods with a partner to ensure both parties feel safe and respected.


  • Consent is permission for a behavior to occur. This could look like asking someone if they want to hug before giving them one.
  • Another example of consent is ringing the doorbell and waiting for someone to open the door before entering someone's house.
  • Ensuring consent in all aspects of a relationship is crucial for maintaining respect and safety.

Remember that maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort and mutual respect. By practicing these qualities, you can build and sustain relationships that are positive and supportive.

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