Important Characters of Oedipus Rex


The protagonist and king of Thebes.

  • Intelligence: Oedipus is known for his intelligence and problem-solving skills. He is determined to save Thebes from the plague and vows to find the murderer of the previous king.
  • Hubris: Despite his virtues, Oedipus exhibits hubris, a tragic flaw. His relentless pursuit of the truth and belief in his ability to control his fate ultimately lead to his downfall.
  • Tragic Hero: Oedipus embodies the classic traits of a tragic hero, such as a high social status, a tragic flaw, and a reversal of fortune.


Queen of Thebes, wife, and mother of Oedipus.

  • Maternal: Jocasta is protective of Oedipus and attempts to shield him from the disturbing truth. Her maternal instincts drive her actions.
  • Denial: When confronted with the truth, Jocasta initially denies the possibility, but as the reality becomes undeniable, she succumbs to despair and takes her own life.


Brother-in-law to Oedipus and brother of Jocasta.

  • Loyal: Creon is loyal to Oedipus and serves as a trusted advisor. Despite Oedipus's accusations, Creon remains dedicated to the well-being of Thebes.
  • Pragmatic: Unlike Oedipus, Creon is more pragmatic and less driven by emotion. He represents a contrast to Oedipus's impulsive nature.


Blind prophet of Apollo.

  • Insightful: Teiresias possesses prophetic insight and is aware of the truth about Oedipus. His reluctance to reveal the truth adds tension to the plot.
  • Symbolic: As a blind seer, Teiresias symbolizes the theme of blindness and insight. Despite his physical blindness, he sees the truth more clearly than those with sight.


The chorus represents the elders of Thebes.

  • Reflective: The chorus provides commentary on the unfolding events, reflecting the views and sentiments of the Theban citizens.
  • Moral Voice: The chorus serves as a moral voice, expressing concerns about the consequences of human actions and the wrath of the gods.

The Shepherd

A witness to the events of Oedipus's infancy.

  • Key Witness: The shepherd plays a crucial role in revealing Oedipus's true identity. His testimony brings to light the tragic events surrounding Oedipus's birth.

Messenger from Corinth

A messenger who brings news from Corinth regarding Oedipus's origins.

  • Revealer of Truth: The messenger unwittingly reveals information that contributes to the unraveling of Oedipus's past, adding a layer of irony to the narrative.

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