Her Song at Night by Anonymous

In the quiet of the night, beneath the starry sky,
She wanders to the river, where the waters lie,
With gentle hands and a whispered sigh,
She surrenders to the call of her body's high.

The moon, a witness to her secret quest,
Casts a silver glow upon her naked breast,
Her fingers trace a path of sweet caress,
As she seeks the hidden pleasures to manifest.

Like a flower unfolding to the morning sun,
She opens herself to the night, undone,
Her body arching, seeking, yearning for release,
As the river whispers secrets of ancient peace.

Each touch a melody, each sigh a symphony,
Nature's chorus joins in perfect harmony,
She rides the waves of ecstasy's delight,
Lost in the embrace of the sensual night.

The breeze, a lover's breath upon her skin,
She feels the heat of passion deep within,
Her body trembles, pulses quicken, senses soar,
As she surrenders to the ecstasy, wanting more.

In the embrace of nature's gentle caress,
She finds a moment of pure, unbridled bliss,
And in that moment, she is truly free,
One with nature, one with the ecstasy

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