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Embark on a mesmerizing marble adventure where exquisite marbles cascade from every nook and cranny! Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Sphinx in this captivating experience.
Seize command of your mystical cat cannon and unleash its power to blast away the marbles. Race against time and strive to escape before being entombed in the marble deluge!
Delve into the mystery of why ancient Egyptians held cats in such high regard. Join the adventure now and unravel the secrets!

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Description:Embark on an enchanting journey as exquisite marbles cascade from every nook and cranny, unveiling the wonders of the Sphinx in this captivating marble adventure.

Zooma Marble Blast transcends you to the heart of ancient Egypt, where you wield the power of a mystical cat cannon. Your mission: to skillfully blast away marbles and navigate the intricate challenges that await. Race against the relentless ticking of the clock, testing your speed and strategy to escape the encroaching entombment in a mesmerizing cascade of marbles.

As you navigate through this immersive marble shooter experience, ponder the age-old question: Why did the ancient Egyptians hold cats in such high regard? Unravel the mysteries of this revered connection as you engage in the game. Immerse yourself in Zooma Marble Blast now and uncover the secrets buried within the sands of time!

How to Play

Use the mouse to aim your cannon and tap to shoot. Match 3 or more identical marbles to pop them. Remove all the marbles before they reach the exit.

Video Trailer of Zooma Marble Blast


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