Sarah Jackson Poet: Biography, Works & Legacy

Early Life and Education

Sarah Jackson, a distinguished poet and academic, was born in 1977 in Berkshire, UK. Her journey in the realm of literature began in her formative years, shaping her passion for creative expression. Jackson's academic pursuits culminated in a doctoral degree from the University of Sussex in 2009.

Literary Accolades and Shortlistings

Jackson's poetic prowess gained early recognition with her pamphlet *Milk* (Pighog, 2008), earning a spot on the shortlist for the Michael Marks Award. Her contributions extend to various renowned publications, including *Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century* (Bloodaxe Books, 2009) and *The Best British Poetry 2011* (Salt, 2011). Notably, her first book-length collection, *Pelt* (Bloodaxe Books, 2012), not only secured the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize for Poetry but also received a longlisting for the Guardian First Book Award.

Academic Achievements

Dr. Sarah Jackson's multifaceted career spans both creative and academic realms. A testament to her academic acumen, she completed her doctorate in 2009 and now serves as an Associate Professor in Modern and Contemporary Writing at Nottingham Trent University. Additionally, she spearheads the MA in Creative Writing, showcasing her commitment to nurturing aspiring writers.

Intersection of Creative and Critical Writing

Jackson's unique contribution lies in her exploration of the dynamic interplay between creative and critical writing. As a BBC New Generation Thinker (2016) and recipient of the NTU VC Outstanding Researcher (2017) award, she continues to pave the way for innovative approaches in contemporary literature and theory.

Research Endeavors

Her dedication to cutting-edge research is evident in her role as an AHRC Leadership Fellow (2018-2020) and her current AHRC-funded project, *Voice Notes: Creativity, Technology, and Exile*. This research exemplifies her commitment to pushing the boundaries of literary exploration.

Prolific Publications

Sarah Jackson's publications reflect her keen interest in literary theory, creative-critical ecologies, and contemporary literature. Notable works include *Tactile Poetics: Touch and Contemporary Writing* (Edinburgh University Press, 2015), co-editing *Unidentifiable Literary Objects* (2019) with Camilla Bostock, and her recent work *Literature and the Telephone: Conversations on Poetics, Politics and Place* (Bloomsbury 2023).

Multimedia Contributions

Beyond the written word, Jackson's impact extends to the visual realm. Her animation, *Calling Across Borders*, a collaboration with Compass Collective, earned recognition by being shortlisted for Best Research Film in the AHRC Research in Film Awards 2021. Her presence is not confined to academic circles; she frequently shares her insights on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4, showcasing her ability to bridge the gap between academia and public discourse.

Pelt: A Literary Triumph

Sarah Jackson's debut collection, *Pelt*, stands as a testament to her poetic prowess. This haunting exploration of the edges of writing, touching on themes of infancy and adulthood, birds and blindness, captivates readers with its tender yet beautifully poised verses. The collection invites a tactile engagement, urging readers to feel the words through their fingertips. Recognized with the Seamus Heaney Prize and securing a place on the Guardian First Book Award longlist, *Pelt* marks an unforgettable debut in the literary landscape.

In conclusion, Sarah Jackson's journey, marked by accolades, academic achievements, and a profound poetic legacy, solidifies her status as a luminary in both creative and scholarly realms. Her ability to seamlessly navigate the intersections of creativity and critical thought ensures that her impact resonates far beyond the pages of her written work.

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