The Fool Wasting Time by Mason Carter

The Fool Wasting Time

Heavens I heard had shed some tears last night,
A working-class girl was harassed by a rich boy,
And then her younger brother was killed in the fight
The citizen protectors raped her when she spoke,
Cause their duty is to protect the rich capitalists
And oppress the working class-raising a voice,
She was found on street next morn with cut wrists.
Heavens I heard had shed some tears last night.
Her parents couldn't afford her education
And she eventually shot herself in the head.
A man with a disease I heard died last night
Because he couldn't afford the medication.
Heavens I heard had shed some tears last night.
A kid on street was found who starved to death
While we enjoyed expensive food at the hotel.
Orphans were put into the business and little kids
While begging for food were pushed away.
This wasn't a new story, it was the rule of the day.
Heavens I heard had shed some tears last night.
Though no one gave a damn in the blind town,
Youth as usual was busy watching the cricket
And famous poets still writing about shoelaces.
Some Romeos busy chatting with their Juliets.
Some dark souls who could feel the societal pain
Were known here as the fools who wrote in vain.

-Mason Carter

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