The Crying Clouds by Mason Carter

The Crying Clouds

In a morbidly beauteous darkened cloud
(With bats circling round its fading cores,
Thundering the divine lightnings aloud,
Which to the roofless poor gave no doors)
Drawn were the teary eyes of Ezabel,
Which brought a man down on his knees.
With all his soul bleeding within- in hell
By tartarean hymns lamenting all trees
Birds dropping down chopped by lightning.
In a dark forest placed on hadean fires,
Burning within of all his bright linings,
To have found all so called heroes- liars.
He kneels, crawls and cries to have found.
In the cruel yet beautiful world of clowns
The eyes in cloud with no words to bound
Witnessing kids dying shelterless in towns.

-Mason Carter

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