Immortal Legacy of Anathema by Mason Carter

Immortal Legacy of Anathema

Will thou not chant hymns of the enigma,
Into the immortal legacy of wicked elegance,
Of gruesome demise of jinxed anathema;
“Say thou hated the unlucky and distance.”
Remember seething mob passing verdict.
Set ablaze anathema smiled while dying.
His inamorata masked watching convict,
There she stood which him while lying.

Fire that his interior flared let him smile,
For no blaze burns brighter than of that.
Think no longer for thy lover erstwhile,
Come not near the place he burned at.

You still remember my last words when
That day set ablaze I smiled while dying:
“Say.. You will mask your feelings then,
And let no one sense what you feel.”

-Mason Carter

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