We Should Not Mind So Small a Flower, Emily Dickinson: Summary & Analysis

"WE SHOULD NOT MIND SO SMALL A FLOWER" by Emily Dickinson is a contemplation on the significance of seemingly insignificant elements in the natural world. The poem highlights the transformative power of nature to bring back lost joys and infuses them with deeper meaning.


We should not mind so small a flower —
Except it quiet bring
Our little garden that we lost
Back to the Lawn again.
So spicy her Carnations nod —
So drunken, reel her Bees —
So silver steal a hundred flutes
From out a hundred trees —
That whoso sees this little flower
By faith may clear behold
The Bobolinks around the throne
And Dandelions gold.


"WE SHOULD NOT MIND SO SMALL A FLOWER" reflects on the beauty and significance of a small flower that has the power to bring back lost joy and revive a cherished garden. The poem emphasizes the transformative effects of nature, where the presence of a single flower becomes a symbol of renewal and deeper meaning.

Critical Analysis

Through the imagery of a small flower, "WE SHOULD NOT MIND SO SMALL A FLOWER" explores the idea that even seemingly insignificant elements of the natural world can hold great meaning. The poem suggests that the presence of this small flower can have a profound impact, reviving a lost garden and bringing back cherished memories.

The phrases "Except it quiet bring" and "Back to the Lawn again" convey a sense of restoration and renewal. The flower's presence serves as a link between the past and the present, symbolizing the rejuvenation of the garden.

The description of the flower's carnations nodding and the bees reeling suggests a lively and intoxicating presence. The imagery of "a hundred flutes" stealing silver from trees creates an enchanting atmosphere that transcends the physical world.

The closing lines "The Bobolinks around the throne / And Dandelions gold" emphasize the transformative power of the small flower. It becomes a portal through which one can perceive a realm beyond the immediate senses, where natural elements take on deeper symbolic significance.


  • Renewal and Transformation: The poem highlights the ability of even small and seemingly insignificant elements of nature to bring about renewal, transformation, and a sense of deeper meaning.
  • Beauty in the Small: The poem celebrates the beauty and significance of small things that might otherwise be overlooked, suggesting that they can hold immense value and symbolism.
  • Perception and Faith: The mention of perceiving the Bobolinks around the throne and Dandelions gold by faith underscores the idea that the natural world can be a gateway to perceiving greater truths and experiences beyond the physical realm.


  • Appreciation: The poem conveys a sense of appreciation for the beauty and significance of even the smallest elements of nature.
  • Wonder and Enchantment: The imagery of bees, flutes, and vibrant colors evokes a sense of wonder and enchantment in the presence of the small flower.
  • Nostalgia: The idea of bringing back a lost garden suggests a nostalgic longing for past joys and experiences.


  • Imagery: The poem employs vivid imagery to convey the sensory experience of the flower's presence and the enchanting atmosphere it creates.
  • Symbolism: The small flower symbolizes renewal, transformation, and the potential for deeper meaning in the natural world.

Reflect on the transformative power of nature in your own life. Have you ever encountered something seemingly small that held great significance or provided a sense of renewal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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