Heart, Not So Heavy As Mine, Emily Dickinson: Summary & Analysis

In "HEART, NOT SO HEAVY AS MINE," Emily Dickinson explores the contrasting emotions of the speaker's heavy heart and the lighter, carefree heart of another passing by. The poem reflects on the power of simple melodies to offer comfort and relief in moments of sorrow and longing.


Heart, not so heavy as mine
Wending late home —
As it passed my window
Whistled itself a tune —
A careless snatch — a ballad —
A ditty of the street —
Yet to my irritated Ear
An Anodyne so sweet —

It was as if a Bobolink
Sauntering this way
Carolled, and paused, and carolled —
Then bubbled slow away!

It was as if a chirping brook
Upon a dusty way —
Set bleeding feet to minuets
Without the knowing why!

Tomorrow, night will come again —
Perhaps, weary and sore —
Ah Bugle! By my window
I pray you pass once more.


"HEART, NOT SO HEAVY AS MINE" explores the juxtaposition of the speaker's heavy heart and the light-heartedness of another person passing by. The speaker's irritation at the carefree tune heard from outside transforms into a recognition of the soothing power of music to provide solace and distraction.

Critical Analysis

The poem captures a moment of contrast and transformation in the speaker's emotional experience. The speaker's heart is burdened with heaviness, likely due to sorrow or some form of emotional distress. The passing figure, represented by the "heart, not so heavy as mine," whistles a carefree tune that initially irritates the speaker's "irritated Ear."

The tune, described as a "careless snatch," a "ballad," and a "ditty of the street," becomes an unexpected "Anodyne," or pain-reliever, for the speaker. The transformation occurs when the speaker recognizes the soothing effect of the melody. The imagery shifts from the external to the internal as the speaker compares the tune to the song of a "Bobolink," a bird known for its melodious song. The bird's song has a comforting, almost mesmerizing quality that uplifts the speaker's spirits.

The second stanza introduces the image of a "chirping brook" on a "dusty way" that sets "bleeding feet to minuets / Without the knowing why!" This imagery underscores the idea that even in challenging or adverse circumstances, simple melodies can bring relief and a sense of detachment from pain.

The final stanza introduces the concept of time passing and the possibility of the same experience recurring. The speaker expresses a longing for the tune to return, suggesting that the encounter with the passing melody offered a momentary escape from their heavy heart.


  • Contrasting Emotions: The poem juxtaposes the speaker's heavy heart with the light-heartedness of another person, highlighting the contrast between sorrow and carefree enjoyment.
  • Power of Music: The poem explores how simple melodies and tunes have the ability to provide comfort and solace, even in moments of emotional distress.
  • Transformative Moments: The encounter with the passing tune leads to a transformation in the speaker's mood and perception, demonstrating the potential for external experiences to impact one's emotional state.


  • Sorrow: The speaker's heavy heart and irritation at the beginning of the poem reflect feelings of sorrow and emotional burden.
  • Recognition and Transformation: The speaker's recognition of the soothing power of the melody and the transformation of irritation into appreciation demonstrate a shift in attitude and emotion.
  • Longing: The final stanza expresses a sense of longing for the melody to return, suggesting a desire for a recurring source of comfort.


  • Imagery: The use of vivid imagery, such as the "Bobolink" and the "chirping brook," creates a sensory experience that enhances the emotional impact of the poem.
  • Irony: The irony lies in the speaker's initial irritation at the tune and their subsequent realization of its soothing effect.

Reflect on a moment in your own life when a simple melody or piece of music unexpectedly lifted your spirits or provided comfort. How did the experience affect your mood and outlook? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let's explore the power of music in our lives.

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