Glowing is Her Bonnet, Emily Dickinson: Summary & Analysis

"GLOWING IS HER BONNET" by Emily Dickinson is a succinct yet poignant exploration of the emotions associated with loss and absence. Through the description of a woman's radiant appearance and her inability to speak, the poem captures a sense of mystery, longing, and the fleeting nature of beauty. The poem also contemplates the significance of memory and the impact of absence on those left behind.


Glowing is her Bonnet,
Glowing is her Cheek,
Glowing is her Kirtle,
Yet she cannot speak.
Better as the Daisy
From the Summer hill
Vanish unrecorded
Save by tearful rill —
Save by loving sunrise
Looking for her face.
Save by feet unnumbered
Pausing at the place.


"GLOWING IS HER BONNET" portrays a woman whose radiant appearance is contrasted with her inability to speak. The poem suggests that her beauty and presence evoke feelings of longing and sorrow. Despite her physical glow, she remains silent and uncommunicative, which leaves her memory to be preserved through natural elements and the contemplation of those who remember her.

Critical Analysis

The poem "GLOWING IS HER BONNET" examines the juxtaposition of external beauty and internal silence, exploring the emotions experienced by those left behind in the wake of someone's absence.

The use of "glowing" to describe the woman's bonnet, cheek, and kirtle (a skirt or dress) creates a vivid image of her radiant appearance. The repetition of "glowing" emphasizes her allure.

Despite her external radiance, the woman is unable to speak. This contrast between her vibrant appearance and her silence adds an element of mystery and suggests that her inner thoughts and emotions remain hidden.

The comparison of the woman to a daisy that vanishes "unrecorded" except by a "tearful rill" (a small stream) underscores the transient nature of beauty and life. The tears represent the emotions of those who remember her.

The reference to a "loving sunrise" looking for her face implies the anticipation of her presence, while "feet unnumbered pausing at the place" suggests the idea of visitors or mourners who pause to remember her.


  • Beauty and Absence: The poem explores the juxtaposition of external beauty and internal silence, reflecting on the emotions experienced when someone's physical presence is gone.
  • Transience: The comparison of the woman to a daisy and the mention of sunrise and footsteps emphasize the fleeting nature of life and beauty.
  • Memory and Presence: The poem contemplates how memories of the woman are preserved through natural elements, contemplation, and the emotions of those who remember her.


  • Longing and Sorrow: The contrast between the woman's radiant appearance and her inability to speak evokes feelings of longing and sorrow.
  • Mystery: The woman's silence adds an element of mystery to her character and presence.
  • Absence: The absence of the woman's voice and communication contributes to a sense of her physical presence being gone.


  • Imagery: The use of "glowing" and the comparison to a daisy create vivid images of the woman's appearance and the transient nature of beauty.
  • Metaphor: The comparison of the woman to a daisy and the reference to a "loving sunrise" serve as metaphors for the fleetingness of life and the anticipation of her presence.

Reflect on the relationship between external appearance and internal thoughts and emotions. How does the poem's exploration of beauty, silence, and memory resonate with your own experiences of loss and longing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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