Distrustful of the Gentian, Emily Dickinson: Summary & Analysis

"Distrustful of the Gentian" by Emily Dickinson explores themes of skepticism, vulnerability, and the fleeting nature of life through the imagery of a gentian flower. The poem delves into the speaker's hesitation and eventual acceptance of the gentian's beauty, drawing parallels between the speaker's emotional journey and the ephemeral qualities of nature. The poem delves into themes of trust, transience, and the vulnerability of human emotions.

Distrustful of the Gentian

Distrustful of the Gentian —
And just to turn away,
The fluttering of her fringes
Chid my perfidy —
Weary for my —————
I will singing go —
I shall not feel the sleet — then —
I shall not fear the snow.
Flees so the phantom meadow
Before the breathless Bee —
So bubble brooks in deserts
On Ears that dying lie —
Burn so the Evening Spires
To Eyes that Closing go —
Hangs so distant Heaven —
To a hand below.


"Distrustful of the Gentian" by Emily Dickinson reflects on the speaker's initial skepticism and eventual acceptance of the gentian flower. The speaker hesitates to trust the gentian's beauty but is scolded by the fluttering of its fringes. The speaker acknowledges their weariness but decides to embrace life's journey with resilience, singing despite challenges. The poem uses natural imagery to illustrate the fleeting and transient nature of experiences, likening the gentian's fragility to the vulnerability of human emotions.

Critical Analysis

"Distrustful of the Gentian" showcases Emily Dickinson's ability to create multi-layered meanings through the interplay of nature, emotion, and human perception. The poem's exploration of trust, vulnerability, and the acceptance of beauty illuminates the complexities of human experiences.

The opening lines introduce the speaker's skepticism towards the gentian, describing them as "Distrustful of the Gentian" and "just to turn away." The speaker's emotional distance from the gentian parallels their emotional guardedness in life, suggesting a reluctance to trust or accept beauty at face value.

The image of the gentian's "fringes" fluttering and "Chid[ing] my perfidy" illustrates the gentian's response to the speaker's skepticism. The fringes can symbolize the delicate, vulnerable aspects of the gentian's beauty that are easily dismissed or doubted. The term "perfidy" suggests a betrayal of trust or loyalty, implying that the speaker's hesitation is seen as a form of betrayal toward the gentian's inherent beauty.

The phrase "Weary for my —————" introduces a pause that conveys a sense of exhaustion and weariness in the speaker. This pause also creates a moment of reflection, allowing the reader to contemplate the speaker's emotional state and the potential reasons behind their skepticism.

The decision to "singing go" despite weariness reflects the speaker's resolve to embrace life and its experiences despite challenges. The speaker's determination to continue singing underscores the idea of resilience in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

The imagery of natural phenomena, such as the fleeing "phantom meadow," bubbling brooks in deserts, and burning evening spires, reinforces the theme of transience and the fleeting nature of experiences. These images mirror the gentian's ephemeral beauty and serve as metaphors for the vulnerability and fleetingness of human emotions.

The final lines evoke a sense of distance and longing, as the "distant Heaven" is depicted as being within reach but just out of grasp, "To a hand below." This image conveys the idea that the sublime or transcendent can feel close yet elusive, highlighting the yearning for deeper meaning and connection.


  • Skepticism and Trust: The poem explores the tension between skepticism and trust. The speaker's initial distrust of the gentian's beauty parallels their guardedness in life, while the gentian's response challenges the speaker's reservations.
  • Transience and Vulnerability: The poem underscores the ephemeral nature of experiences and emotions. The imagery of natural phenomena emphasizes the fleetingness of life and emotions, paralleling the gentian's delicate fringes.
  • Emotional Resilience: The speaker's decision to "singing go" despite weariness reflects a theme of emotional resilience. The willingness to continue embracing life's journey and experiences suggests a determination to overcome challenges.


  • Skepticism and Vulnerability: The poem conveys the speaker's initial skepticism and emotional guardedness, which parallel the gentian's fragile beauty. The fluttering of the gentian's fringes chides the speaker's hesitancy and underscores the vulnerability shared by both the gentian and the speaker.
  • Resilience and Acceptance: The poem portrays the speaker's weariness but also their resolve to continue singing and embracing life's journey. This attitude reflects a sense of emotional resilience and an openness to experiences.


  • Imagery: The poem's use of vivid imagery, including the fluttering fringes, fleeing phantom meadow, bubbling brooks, and burning spires, creates a visual and sensory impact that enhances the exploration of themes and emotions.
  • Metaphor: The comparison between the gentian's delicate fringes and the vulnerability of human emotions employs metaphor to draw parallels between nature and human experience.

Literary Devices

  • Personification: The fluttering of the gentian's fringes is personified when they "Chid my perfidy." This personification imbues the gentian with agency and emotional expression, emphasizing the gentian's response to the speaker's skepticism.
  • Enjambment: The use of enjambment, such as "Weary for my ————— / I will singing go," creates pauses and breaks in the lines that invite reflection and emphasize the speaker's emotional state.

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